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Advice on current apprenticeship needed! watch

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    Hi everyone,

    This is the first time I have decided to make a thread and seek some advice on a current situation which I am facing at the moment! Hopefully I can articulate everything well!

    So as it stands -- I have just finished my probationary period at my current job working as an apprentice electrician. For the last ~6-7 weeks I have been assigned to work with a certain individual.

    I get sworn at frequently throughout my 9 hour work day. I don't get treated with basic respect when we are on job sites. I was struggling on this one particular job and I get told, "Why do you make F'ing simple things so F'ing difficult?!" He did one section of the job and gave me no explanations and then expected me to know all about handling/stripping the wires and terminating the wires safely and in regulation.

    Other examples I can give is when I take longer than he would like to locate a tool in his messy van, or I get told to use my brain more, or inferred to that I am an idiot and I'd fit in well with a certain group of individuals in the workplace. Most times I am spoken to in an abrupt manner, and the working environment then turns into a high stressed place for myself. I don't feel comfortable in experimenting and learning from my mistakes, since I meet all kinds of criticism (not constructive) and just a bad attitude.

    I have put up with it for this time; but now its starting to affect my life outside of work. Sleeplessness, anxiety about returning to work, upset stomach etc.

    Would this be considered as forms of harassment? It is getting to the point where I have no problem with confronting the individual but I want to make sure that I have a leg to stand on in doing so (first time I have come up against this in my working life).

    Sorry for the long ramble!!! I just needed to get this off my chest. And thanks in advance if anyone takes the time in replying!

    You should never have to kind in that kind of atmosphere, especially if it's impacting your health, it's just unacceptable. I once worked a job like that where the manager was a bully and have favourites etc and it's just awful. However, as harsh as it sounds your position will without doubt have to be taken into account when it comes to how you deal with it. When I was in a similar situation I had to find another job before dealing with it (previous attempts at complaining first to the person in question and then to their bosses had fell on deaf ears and or made things worse) by telling them where to stick the job. Unfortunately I had to have a wage coming in.

    Do you think this is deliberate or just a consequence of the person's personality? Some people who are highly skilled and have been for a long time have a tenancy to forget that we all had to learn at one point or another and can be quite abrupt/rude to new starts. IF it is unintentional a quiet word with the person may be all that's needed.

    Also how big is your company? If it's quite large is there any chance of speaking to a manager, partly to make sure the issue is recorded formally (this may be the first time this has happened) and partly to see if you could be assigned to someone else who is maybe a better match. It's a terrible thing to say, but some times you just have to grin and bear the situation if the potential gain outweighs the pain and or if you need to to keep a roof over your head.
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