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    I've been diagnosed with glandular fever on the 2nd January.. I think I've had it for a while though because I've had the symptoms since November.
    Ive just finished a course of antibiotics because my tonsils were really swollen, so now I'm generally feeling ok.

    My doctor told me to avoid drinking alcohol, but does anyone know for how long?

    Im currently in my first year at uni and not drinking alcohol is pretty much impossible most of the time seen as everyone else is going out and drinking.

    Thanks for any advice guys

    I have also been diagnosed with glandular fever since just before Christmas but it started in November. If your doctor has told you to avoid drinking you definitely need to listen to them. In my case she said my liver function was very poor and it cannot handle any alcohol so your doctor will have also noticed your liver function affected by the disease otherwise they wouldn't have given such advice and such advice wouldn't have been given if it wasn't important. Apparently when you drink alcohol with an inflamed liver you can permanently scar it and it will also make your symptoms bite back like a b*tch making you feel quite crap the next few days. honestly I don't think its worth the risk either drink and put your liver at risk of long term damage or just stay sober for a few month to let it recover asap. Doctors should be getting you to have regular blood tests and will tell you how well and fast your liver is improving. Just stay safe and don't go over board no good will come from it and it puts you at risk of being ill for longer!

    I agree with the poster above. I had my liver function tested again before I drank alcohol again.

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    Hey! I have the exact same problem as you at the moment - I was diagnosed with glandular fever in mid-November and was advised not to drink. They checked my liver function and said it was pretty poor, so I needed to be more careful etc etc.

    Anyway, by New Years Eve I assumed that my liver must have healed itself, since I was generally feeling much better. The only symptom I was still showing was tiredness, but that was it! So I went out on NYE and drank vodka etc. Well, it was the worst mistake of my life!! I couldn't stop vomiting for almost 48 hours, and still felt nauseous and generally ill for about a week after that. I now think that I may have done permanent damage to my liver (you can scar it if you drink with an already damaged liver), but I'm waiting for test results.

    I know it's really hard not to drink as a fresher (I'm in first year too!) but it's not worth risking your liver. Go to the doctor, get a liver function test and then discuss it with the doctor. If your livers fine, then drink of course! But if it's damaged, you need to either go tee-total and drink nothing, or maybe stick to lower-percentage drinks like cider, and don't get completely smashed! I went to the pub last night with flatmates and drank 2 ciders, but I won't be drinking much more than that for a while
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