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My GCSE's are looking to be a shambles thanks to ill health, now what? watch

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    I'm in my final year of school and due to ill health my GCSE's won't be half as good as I was predicted originally, perhaps not enough to make the cut. My dream is to become a midwife, something I've always had great interest in. At the beginning of Year 10 I was predicted A-A* throughout all my subjects, until my mental health (I have Schizophrenia) and physical health deteriorated (back in April).

    I would ideally like to study Level 3 Health and Social care, of which then leads me into higher education and eligible for a University place. However, my problem is physically getting on the course at a college!

    To my understanding of much research, the course requires a minimum of 4 GCSE's graded A*-C. And, as I wish to be a midwife, I believe a minimum of C grade Science is required. I'm not confident I'll make the great, that's me being realistic, not doubting my skills. I know my health is a big issue and has effected me a great deal.

    I am currently in the process of discovering why I am vomiting blood, why my urine is always bright red and why I have such consistent joint pains. These physical problems have lead me to a vast amount of time off school and my grades have been effected. In addition to the time off school, studying on my own accord has proved to be a challenge due to being in and out of a hospital ward all the time and being in too much agonizing pain to do anything like get out of bed, let alone pick up a text book. My doctors believe this is a rare immunity disorder but cannot treat it unless 100% sure as treatment is vastly invasive, ranging from Chemotherapy to vascular drugs.

    I guess my main question is this: Can colleges accept anyone they wish onto a course, like Universities can choose whoever their hearts desire, or must I meet a certain academic criteria? The 2 years of which I'd be studying would benefit me health wise as I'm 99% sure my health conditions will be in the process of being treated and I won't be so majorly ill.

    Thank you, any information is very much so appreciated.

    I'm very sorry everything seems to have gone pear-shaped in the final year. Sadly, these things happen to a lot of people. The wonderful thing however, is colleges are actually quite flexible with GCSEs. It would be worth contacting the college you're applying to and asking them what flexibility they offer. For example, if you get a D in English or Science, you can try negotiate to let them in on their conditions or you can offer to retake your exam in the autumn of the year you start. Also, I'm sure if you explained your situation they would fully understand what's going on.

    Good luck!

    I would contact your potential sixth form. Obviously, you have pretty severe (and hopefully temporary) extentuating circumstances, and a college will most likely be sympathetic to this. Did you do any mocks in Year 10 with a high attainment at all? That will certainly help your case if worse comes to worse and you don't get the required C grade.
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