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Having trouble trying to answer this Question:

"Urban atmospheric pollution is the biggest problem and the easiest to solve". Using examples, discuss the reasons and the extent of the problem and the management strategies. (40 marks)

Can anyone help!!??
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Well, I don't know what case studies you are using, but start out by dealing with the first part of the question. Find a few case studies and discuss why urban pollution is so large and back it up with statistics to show the effects of this. Prehaps use case studies that show different effects - some with not so much, some with lots - and decide whether it is the biggest problem or not - remeber to always evaluate with strong evidence! Then go onto the second part and find case studies, some the same as the first part, and evaluate how succesful such strategies - for example before and after statistics of health related issues to pollution (not sure if this fits in with you mark scheme, sorry!) Again, use statistics throughout and evaluate. You then want to write a conclusion arguing each part of the question - for example, "I beleve that urban atmospheric pollution is the biggest problem, however is not the easiest to solve, as was shown by the management strategy of (insert country)". Something like that? Sorry if it wasn't much help! Good luck

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