GCSE Drama logbook session example write ups

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Im struggling with writing up my drama sessions in my logbook. Has anyone got examples of logbook write ups for drama GCSE.
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basically in my school to get an A or A*(/distinction, which I got) you need to put at least 5 strengths, 5 weaknesses and 5 targets preferably following on from your weaknesses. After that you need to say the reason behind it. For example, you say, '' I feel that I used my projection to the best of my ability, the reason for this is because I increased my volume at the most important part of the performance which would make the audience listen intently as what is being said is a vital part in the play''. Here is another example of what to say for a weakness and a target, '' Personally, I believe that I could of worked on my facial expressions. I know this because when my character was exited about the upcoming event I didn't widen my eyes or lift my eyebrows to show the excitement. To work on this I will practise using my face to portray different emotions'' (the target can be that simple). Next you need to add knowledge. You could write about Stanislavski. Here is an example, '' I think that I worked really well on naturalism (another strength) the reason for this Is because I expressed love very naturally and was not over dramatic, for example, if you are attracted to someone you tend to stare or grin at them (which I did) and that is the natural thing to do however if you held your hands close to your heart that could be viewed as over dramatic as you would not do that in real life. The Stanislavski system helped me with this because he believed in naturalistic performances that should be as realistic as possible. His method was a set of techniques used by actors to portray emotions on stage by putting themselves in the place of the character, which I feel I did really well'' I actually wrote that in year 10 and I got an A but that was only my first paragraph. So hopefully now you have a good idea of what to put in a logbook. Good paragraph starters -- I feel -- I think -- I believe -- Personally -- In my opinion.

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