How to answer AS level Edexcel Lang&Lit Question?

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Hello, I am unsure of how to structure my answer for the Section B: Voices in Literature Question, for example:
The Bloody Chamber: Angela Carter
Extract: ‘The Tiger’s Bride’ from
My father lost me to The Beast at cards (page 56) to he is
in such a passion to donate all to The Beast (page 56).
Using this extract as your starting point and with reference to
one other story of your
choice, you should:

  • explore Carter’s use of language to convey the attitude of her female characters totheir position in a male dominated society
  • examine how Carter’s use of different voices allows the reader to gauge levels ofawareness and resistance to the position of women in society.

    Are you meant to merge the two bullet points together or? Are you meant to only focus on one story for the first bullet point, then focus on both stories for the other one?:confused:
    I'm quite unsure basically XD We weren't able to go over this in school properly as we ran out of time.
    Help is much appreciated!

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