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Google could be about to destroy the language barrier watch

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    Google will launch a live translation tool that can take spoken audio in one language and convert it into a synthesised voice speaking a second language in real-time, according to reports.
    The ability will be unveiled as part of the Android and iOS phone apps which already offer the ability to convert spoken language into translated text using speech recognition, as well as provide spoken translations of inputted text so that you can converse with others despite a lack of shared language.
    But according to reports in the New York Times, Google will soon update this app to provide real-time audio translation.
    The app can translate between 80 different languages and does not need an active internet connection.
    Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft, beat Google to the announcement by just a few weeks when it announced that it would be launching new software to convert between spoken English and Spanish. While it does not offer the same breadth of languages that the Google app is said to be preparing, it is already being tested by the public.

    Skype Translator Preview only works on desktop computers and is currently in a limited testing programme. The company says it “gives you the ability to speak another language without learning one” and that more languages will be supported soon.
    Google is doing it. Breaking down language barriers. Will this mean that, in future, learning other languages will be completely unnecessary? Perhaps, but you'll never be able to replace the feeling of conversing with a native in their local tongue, and using figures of speech, dialect and sarcasm.

    I have heard it said, and read on here, that:

    - you cannot appreciate Russian literature unless you are Russian;

    - The Koran cannot be understood unless you are fluent in Arabic;

    - you cannot appreciate Shakespeare until you have heard it in the original Klingon.


    Is this necessary? There's nothing wrong with multiple languages for Gods sake.

    Google is going to be like the TARDIS?

    I'll be honest, I really don't see how this can work, but I'm really excited if it does.

    Sounds cool, but will be pretty inaccurate still.

    And Google is still absolutely useless for languages like Russian, rather see them working properly first but still, seems decent
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