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Hey guys, I have a few questions that I really want to know the answers too.. I've spent forever and a day researching and I've found a few threads on TSR but nothing that really answers what I want to know..

So I'm planning on applying for a Secondary Psychology PGCE.. but the sucky thing is that when I was in school I only got a D in Maths. So I've taken an equivalency test with 'A Star Teachers' and I passed, but I'm not sure which universities accept this.. Has anyone applied for a Secondary Psychology PGCE with a GCSE equivalency result from 'A Star Teachers' and have been accepted or even been invited for an interview? If so which universities was it at?

Also one last thing which I'm not too sure about... How does the Student Finance situation work? I thought I could only apply for it once.. but I've read on some threads that I can apply for it again and still receive tuition fee and maintenance loans for the PGCE course. I'm on my second year of Psychology with Counselling theory undergrad degree at uni.. would I apply for the PGCE student finance while I am still a student? I'm really confused as to how this will work..
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Unfortunately I can't answer your question about the GCSE equivalent course you took in Maths as this will depend on individual universities and whether they accept the A Star Teachers course - my advice there would be to email/phone the respective admissions departments of the universities you are interested in and ask them directly.

As for your student finance question hopefully I can be of some help! If you're applying for a PGCE you will be eligible to apply for student finance again as they cover postgraduates who have already completed an undergraduate degree even if they have already taken out student finance in the past. It works the same as undergrad - you pay nothing up front and only begin to pay your loan back once you're earning £21k+. Full-time PGCE students may also be eligible for a maintenance loan to cover the cost of living expenses whilst you study, just like at undergrad level.

Unfortunately as your subject is psychology you won't be eligible for any scholarships/bursaries as this only applies to certain subjects that are in high demand such as STEM and languages, amongst others. But the good news is you should be eligible to have the costs of your course covered just like when you did your degree. You apply for student finance to fund your third year at uni as you did with your first two years, then you apply for your PGCE student finance when the applications cycle opens for the year you intend to do your PGCE (2016/17?).

When you actually apply for PGCE funding you will be classed as a new student as it's a new course, however there may need to be some clarification on this as student finance isn't the easiest system! You will be asked questions when you go through the application about your course so it's just a case of crossing that bridge when you come to it.

There is a helpful subforum where SFE staff reply to people's questions about student finance, if you're still unsure about anything I'd post in this forum:

Info about student finance:

Hope this helps!

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