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I want to go home for a weekend, but don't want my parents thinking I have no friends watch

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    I've just got back to university and realised how much I now dislike drinking.

    I hate waking up the next day and feeling mentally terrible. The only time I see my flat mates and friends is at around 7:30pm when they're knocking on my door asking if I want to go out drinking.

    I've had enough, though. I feel mentally terrible for days after and it can't go on like this.

    I really just want to go home for the weekend and just see my family, I feel so happy seeing my granny, sister, mum and pets.

    However, I know they'll jump to conclusions and think I have no friends at uni or something - I do, I just don't want to drink for a while.

    If I tell them that it's because all my friends and flatmates do is drink, they'll think they're idiots - however, this appears to be what most do at university.

    Anyone got any ideas of what I could say to my parents to tell them I'm coming home at the weekend?

    Edit: I should also add, if I don't go out drinking I'll feel really lonely as I'll see no one and I hate that. I hate being on my own for an extended amount of time. Especially when I know I could be sitting with my granny and dog and just speaking (as I know she really misses me, she tells me all the time that I'm the only one that bothers with her).

    I'm a big believer in doing whatever the hell you want to do...

    Go home if that's what you want. If they ask, just tell them you felt like coming home! It's the truth, isn't it?

    If you like the social aspect, why don't you go out and drink less? Do all your friends get pissed every time they go out? Maybe someone else in your group feels just like you do... ask around. You could always suggest something for everyone to do that isn't going out drinking.

    You could just not drink on nights out then? Also, I doubt your family will judge you for coming home do soon, just say you were homesick and they'll respect it. My family always want me to come home from uni.

    I don't see why you have to have a 'reason' for going home - just say you fancy a bit of normality. Do you have a social circle at home? You could say you want to see a friend from home (although given that you've only just gone back, I can see why that might not wash.)

    Are you sure they'll think that? It's not like your going home every weekend. I'm probably moving about 3.5 hours away to uni in September and I plan on coming home for weekends whenever I can afford it if I fancy doing so.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    It really doesn't matter how much I drink, I still feel mentally dreadful the next day - whether that's because I've went from hours with being with friends and am now on my own, or because I don't mix well with alcohol - I don't know.

    My parents will definitely question why I'm coming back so soon.

    But it's no fun being all on your own for 2-4 days, especially since my uni room isn't exactly 'homely' - I mean, all I can really do is sit on my bed on my laptop - which again is frustrating as I could be at home seeing my family.

    All of my friends at home have either moved away for work or for uni - annoyingly very far away, apart from one but he is always working so I can never see him. So I can't use that excuse.

    I have tried joining a gym here, but again that keeps me out for like an hour.

    I just feel so enclosed at uni. Most people just seem to drink excessively then drag themselves to lectures then sleep until night and go out drinking again.

    Really, I just need something to keep me occupied, I've tried applying for jobs but have come to no avail.

    At least travelling home and being at home keeps me occupied for a while.
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