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    I live in halls in a fairly quiet flat and rarely see my flatmates except one girl who is just acting crazy...

    she made a complaint about me to management and has been leaving notes on my door etc saying among other things that I never take the bins out, never clean the kitchen, leave loads of mess, don't wipe the oven, don't buy bin bags, don't wash up etc etc etc

    now I literally came home to a note about the oven being a mess today when I scrubbed it clean last night (not all my mess in the first place) and okay, my washing up from dinner is out but that is literally 1 frying pan, 1 chopping board and a plate and it's been there overnight, that's it, hardly extreme for student housing...

    besides this, I have top-to-bottom cleaned the kitchen on plenty of occasions, I think I'm the only one whose changed the bin bags since about mid-October (using my own bin bags which I have told her more than once I keep in my room as the cleaners take them to other flats if you leave them out), my washing up is never left longer than 24 hours (which I know for sure because I only have one of everything so need it again the next day)... plus when we broke for christmas I cleaned out the fridge on which every shelf but mine had a load of gone off food on (some on hers went out of date in november...)

    the kitchen does get a bit messy because it is used (and the cleaners often don't bother turning up) but I don't know what she expects to happen? It isn't just me who uses it, plenty of other people leave mess, including her, she's left washing up for nearly a fortnight before, she's told me herself she never cleans anything and when the floor needed mopping a few weeks ago she said she didn't even own any type of cleaner...

    Just ignore her and live yo' life

    It is incredibly frustrating having disagreements with your flatmate, especially over trivial things like cleaning. Out of my three years experience of all different flatmates, I can say you'll never find anyone who has the same standards that you do. There's always going to be someone who demands the flat to be cleaner no matter what you do.

    You could try talking to her calmly. But, it probably won't work. It may make her worse. In my first year none of my flatmates got on. Nothing could be done to even get us to even live civilly together. I tried agreeing to everything they said and complying by their rules, which still did not work and got worse. I tried sticking up for myself and voicing my opinion, which ended up making it worse. You'll probably just have to live it out and make sure you choose flatmates next time who seem to be on the same wavelength that you are.
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