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    I really hate that I'm a negative person, and I have quite a lot of hang ups. I'm doing my postgrad and I'm pretty far from home. One part of me wants a friend (who I could, let's say, text and go for a drink) but the other part of me wants to stay in my own world. I painfully struggle to make friends.

    I'm very shy and quiet. I made some good lasting friends when I did my undergrad. Now I'm doing my postgrad, I have gone to society events, but I end up leaving because I feel awkward...I feel like I don't fit in. A couple of people added me on Facebook from the society who I was talking to, and on two occasions one of the girls has asked me if I want to join them in going to a gig or something, but I say no. Part of me thinks why is she asking me? Why does she want to be in my presence?

    Right now, I'm stuck in my room and I'm hungry. But I can't go to the communal kitchen because I don't want to face people. I know my housemates are in there, but I can't bring myself to go and act like I'm okay.

    I don't want people who see this post to assume I'm an ignorant *****. It isn't that, when I feel like someone has accepted me, and they want to be around me, I'll happily show interest. I guess I just naturally assume people don't like me so I avoid all situations.

    Any people who feel similar? What can I do?

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    You're overthinking people's motivations. People are asking you to join them because they enjoy your company and think you have something to offer. You're a very special person, as is each and every one of us. I suggest you engage in some hobbies you like, don't overwhelm yourself, take it easy, relax and just have some fun. Try to take it step by step. Don't push yourself beyond what is comfortable for you, but do not stay in your room alone. I am 100% positive that many people are genuinely interested to be in your company. It takes a little bit of trust, and there's always help available (in case you feel that this situation is getting out of control). Many people feel that way, so you're not alone, and do not let this situation overwhelm you so seek professional help before this form of anxiety gets out of control
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