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    Im sure Im not the only one, but my dad is a a$$hole (looks funny I know)

    Basically Im really mad at him like I normally am because I shown him some CDs I bought online (we both like this artist) and he reacted very jealously and says he hates me for doing this. Obviously he doesnt, but it made me angry that he isnt happy for me and instead headed down the jealousy route.

    This isnt the only thing hes done to tick me off. I dont know where Im heading with this, just need others opinions etc. Heres some background:

    Him and my mum separated many times and finally divorced when i was in year 4 (8 y/o). He had a poor upbringing and isnt well educated. He is a hot head like me and gets jealous a lot.

    I used to see him 2 times per week but last year I stopped going because of his girlfriend and I, we didnt get on. He discussed BRIEFLY in a hopping centre why I dont want to stay and i said it was her. He said if his kids arent happy there he would move out. he says he has talked to her and knows all the problems. Yet nothing has changed, now its only my sister going and i see him 10 mins a week if i chose to see him when he picks my sister up.

    He always tries to change dates of when we visit his because sometimes theres a match on at the same time. He would rather go out with his brothers some of who he has had numerous fights with when i was younger and watch the football than see his kids. He always makes excuses.

    Also whenever he got us on a weekend once a month he wouldnt bother with us we would go to the local shopping mall ost of the time and just walk around and have a burger kind using tokens.

    He claims he has debt and has been for numerous years but does nothing to help it and barely pays child support to my mum who has 3 grown up kids to feed.

    He doesnt make an effort with me and hates the fact I no longer go to the club (full of local old strange men, the bar is rough) with him because i would come out depressed and get home and start crying which i dont know why).

    When im really angry with him i can think of a million things to say but im struggling to think of any and i really dont like him because hes a fool, immature and hasnt grown up.

    Hes mid 40s im 17, male.

    What do you think of all this? Hes just not a nice person and doesnt bother with me anymore and wants me to go go out with him for my 18th but i dont want to be sad and do what my brother does and go out with him and my uncles because theyre all idiots and I just dont want to.

    I have no bond anymore with him, considering i used to love him so much i still do but cant be bothered with all the crap involved from him.

    If i think of anything else ill post, but generally he cant be bothered to be a parent, never mind an adult... He was made redundant from work (mechanic) and I wrote HIS CV for him and got HIM a job where he lives now!!!!!!

    Im really mad at him and it makes me upset he is a child and we dont have a special bond or anything and kills me when i see others with their dads and parents being together.

    I get on well with mums parner but not so much now (long story - they split up and get together lots and i realise hes an a$$ too).

    I just need someone to discuss with me or just help because the more i grow up the more he loses me and i dont want to feel like its my fault when hes the problem :cry2:
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Updated: January 13, 2015
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