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    I have a few questions as I am certain I want to drop out - I am in first year but have used two years of funding - I started my degree last year but had to interrupt, and came back this year discovering it is not for me.

    I have received advice from my university stating that I will be eligible for another year of funding provided I give substantial evidence for mitigating circumstances, which I am able to do - I don't want to go in to too much detail but I had a terrible start to the year and it is an ongoing problem although I am now coping slightly better. Funding therefore won't be an issue.

    The only real issues are that, being asian, I have a lot of pressure from my extended family - they were pretty relieved when I got in to a good university, but this is mostly because they do really care about me and want me to get a good education etc., although I do find being asian there is more pressure for this particularly being surrounded by very successful people in my family. Right now I am 25 - if I give university another shot I cannot afford to mess it up.

    I want to study something that will lead directly to a career. I do not have the intellect and creative ability required for a humanities degree, which I am currently studying, and so I am considering degrees that are more factual, and 'black and white'... A friend recommended primary teaching as I'm very good with children and a lot of my happiness comes from being around my young cousins... however, upon researching this I have seen many disadvantages to this career so I will be weighing up the pros & cons and getting work experience.

    Also, something that has always held an interest for me is accounting. It has just become available for 2015 entry at my current university, so if I have the entry requirements I would strongly be considering applying for this. I am doing more research in to the subject over the coming days.

    My family have said they don't think it will do me any good coming home and that if I can I should try to stick it out, although after feeling this way for so long I can't do it anymore. The subject is not for me, and at this rate I will come out with a 3rd in a subject I despised studying, not really knowing what I want to do afterwards. Realistically I would like to avoid moving back home - by moving here I took a big step out of my comfort zone and to be honest I am not ready to go back as I do enjoy the freedom.

    Any suggestions on what I can do over the next few months? I am really at a loss, considering my age- I feel I am getting on a bit!!

    I understand the cultural pressures but ultimately you have to do what is right for you and put yourself first. You're an adult and know this course is the wrong one for you. And you're in a better position than a lot of other people dropping out because you know what you want to do and are reasonably certain of how it can be possible. That's more than I had when I was just 18 and dropped out of my course- I had absolutely no idea what to do, I was seriously ill with depression and anxiety and didn't know my a*** from my elbow. I had no idea about funding or help or anything like that. It's taken me until this year to finally decide what to do and similarly to you, I wanted something that would lead into a career, which my other course didn't necessarily.

    I also totally get you not wanting to move home again. Is it possible to get some kind of job between now and then, even if it's just retail or something, and rent somewhere small or possibly stay with a friend? It'd pass the few months by a lot faster.

    As I said before, it's up to you to do what's right for yourself. If you feel like doing accounting, do it, and maybe weigh the pros and cons against primary teaching? The UCAS deadline is in 2 days though, so you'd have to do it pretty fast. And if that fails, please don't think that you're 'too old' after this or this is really your last chance. I hope you figure it all out and I hope I was at least somewhat helpful!

    Part of me is thinking please dont drop out although there is the 'third time lucky' adage and you say funding is sorted!

    At 25 I utterly understand you do not want to move back with family!

    Be in mind the UCAS deadline if you want to do a different degree next year!

    TBH if doing Primary teaching you can do that with a first degree (first being chronological not the grade!) so why not see your current degree as the pathway!
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