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    Hi I've been thinking about my childhood more recently and I've realised my step dad might have been emotionally abusive but I don't know if it actually was or if I'm just over reacting and it's pretty normal. Basically he would constantly shout at me and criticise me for the smallest thing. I didn't feel comfortable in my house and when he was in I would spend most of my time in my room. He'd insult me and say things like everyone would be a lot happier if I wasn't there and that all the arguments were my fault.
    When I was younger I always assumed that it was just what some families were like and blamed myself for most of it, especially as he was no where near as bad to my sister. But now maybe because I'm no longer living there I'm thinking it might not have been right.
    But yeah basically do you think that was emotional abuse or just a step dad that's quite strict? I've suffered from depression before and although I'm ok at the moment I'm thinking about talking to someone about this but feel like they would think I'm making a fuss over nothing.

    I am glad you got in touch. It sounds like things were really hard and I am not surprised that you are still thinking about it .Sometimes when we have distance we can look back and see something for what it really is.
    This was not your fault at all and it was wrong for him to blame you for arguments. The only person responsible for that was him. It can be very common for people who are abusive to blame others for things.

    Your depression could well be linked to this, although it's hard to say as so many things influence us and how we feel. I do think it would be a really good idea to get some counselling though - I promise that no-one will think you are making a fuss. You deserve support and a chance to move forward from this and heal.
    take care
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