Tired of my best friend's love life

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My best friend is one of those people who fall in love really easily. That's not necessarily a bad quality, of course, but lately it's been driving me mad. She meets someone, has an insta-crush, a first date, falls in love, puts heartfelt tributes on social media and then there's the inevitable break-up and sadness (usually followed by getting back together, breaking it off again, make-up sex, hopeful phone calls, a second full-blown romance and another, more painful break-up). The whole saga tends to take 2-3 months in total, and then it's time for the next. As you can probably tell it's driving me crazy and I can't respond with enthusiasm anymore when she starts seeing a new guy, nor can I sympathise with her post-break-up tears. She's a sweetheart, I don't want to lose her as a friend, but how do I deal with this?
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If it's as cyclical as you say, it could be time to standardise procedures!

Get a pen and some paper and jot down the best way to handle each stage of her "romance". If you know exactly what you're going to do/say beforehand it'll be much less draining for you.

Unfortunately, there isn't really any other way to address it if you like hanging out with her. If she works out you don't care, she'll probably find someone else to offload onto, and you'll end up in the friend bin.
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I have the exact same situation with my best friend! Always on and off with boyfriends! I just try to be enthusiastic and happy but I try to avoid conversations about him! I always, when there's been a break up, do something completely different; distract her from her problems so you sit have to hear them and you can still be great friends!

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