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    Hi everyone,

    I recently applied for the ALDI Graduate Area Manager scheme and was surprised to be offered a group interview just a couple of days after my application! There are lots of posts about these scheme so apologies for adding to this, but I notice a lot of information is now pretty out of date and I just wondered if anyone could offer any advice about the group interview and what it entails?

    I've seen a lot about the maths tests which are supposedly 'basic', but some people say they are quite challenging. Does anyone know what level exactly this is, and perhaps an example or two or what kind of questions are asked? Any thoughts on how to prepare for this?

    Any general thoughts on what exactly they are looking for, plus any big do's or don'ts would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    PS: I've done my research, read all the horror stories and I know it's an exceptionally challenging scheme, just before anyone replies with that haha

    Hi, how did it go
    Are you in ? if so, whats the job like. I too have read the horror stories from 5-10 years ago. are you able to paint a clearer picture.
    any tips on how to get in, I'm currently at the video interview stage.
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    Sadly not, I got rejected after the group interview stage. I was applying for the London (Chelmsford region) area and was amazed at how little time I had to present myself. 30 people turned up and we all had 2 minutes to introduce ourselves, explain why Aldi, and 2 minutes to present one interesting fact about us that made us unique. Meant that we were there for 2 hours but only spoke for 4 minutes, rest of the time was spent listening to other people. Afterwards they got us to do a numerical and verbal reasoning test, and then before we left we had to write who we thought was the best candidate on a slip of paper before we left the room.

    In fairness, I think they wanted to see as many people as possible rather than rejecting a lot of people at the screening stage, but it did make for a bit of a negative experience for me unfortunately. They introduced the video interview stage after I had applied, so I think they are using that to screen people more effectively. So that's good news for you if you do get though as I think there will be less people at that stage than when I applied.

    My advice would be, if you do get through to the group interview, think about how you can concisely put forward your strengths. I wasn't anticipating such a short amount of time and as a result I found it really difficult to say what I wanted to say in such a short period of time. Two of my friends applied to Northern regions and only had 5 people at their group interviews, both got the job. They said that the whole time was spent doing activities, the crashed on an island type scenarios plus group discussions. I think the experience varies dramatically depending on which region you apply to, and from my experience and talking to others, the South is a lot more competitive than the North! I would be really careful about making any assumptions, the interview seems to be run depending on what the Regional MD thinks best. I would try and do some specific research on your region if possible, find out what the MD is like if you can, general research is pretty pointless.

    Failing that though, just go in with a clear idea of what experience you have that makes you good for the role - make sure you can summarise that experience in a minute. As a final thought, they want people to say what they can bring to Aldi, but I would be careful about criticising what they do. A lot of people described negative experiences at Aldi and the MD really wasn't that impressed going by his face! Again though, it depends on the MD in the region.

    Anyway, hope that gives you some insight - best of luck!

    (Oh - as a PS, you asked about painting a clearer picture of the 'horror stories'. Anyone that has been in an easy retail job on middling pay would probably find it extremely challenging. But I've got friends who are training to be Army Officers or training to be Doctors, or joining Investment Banks. All of those people have way more of a tough time than managers at Aldi do, and get paid significantly less. There is one drawback though,in the Army, or as a Doctor or in an investment bank, you make friends and have excellent social experiences. Aldi doesn't have that from what I've heard (I've got 1 friend on the grad job now, 2 joining, 2 that did placement for a year). I would say the work itself is fine, challenging but manageable. But I think not having that social life is really difficult - you'd need to make sure you were joining some sort of social group or making friends some other way, otherwise I can imagine it would be really lonely, stuck between cut-throat managers and low-level employees. I would go for it though, it's a great first start if you can get it).
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