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Wisdom tooth question.. watch

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    I have a wisdom tooth which has sort of half come through on the left side. By sort of I mean that the whole top part of it has broken the skin but its not fully out yet.

    Anyway there is enough space for it to come through but its right up against my last molar and its pushed all my teeth forward on that side slightly - can I tell because my retainer no longer fits over the teeth on the bottom left side and they always ache when I wake up in the morning. Its also angled so that the corner of it causes it to rub against my cheek and catch the skin with the tooth above it so I constantly have a sore inside mouth, it seems to be causing a misalignment of my bite too, when I had my braces they took two molars out of the bottom so my back teeth where lined up against the empty space at the back so I could bite properly (I have a weird bite) and now my teeth don't meet because that wisdom tooth is in the way.

    Basically I was wondering if the dentist might decided to take it out because of these things? I wasn't sure because its not compacted or anything and is facing upwards but its moving all my other teeth. Also if I do have it out will I be able to have it done at the hospital? My tooth extraction experiences have been far from pleasant and I would rather have no knowledge of it :/

    I have got a routine appointment in a couple of weeks so I am going to the dentist I just wondered in the meantime x

    I've read that if a wisdom tooth is disturbing other teeth then it's worth taking out - although I'm not a dentist, I found this from looking on the internet when my wisdom teeth were coming through.

    I think it would be unlikely that they will do it under general anesthetic because of the dangers involved (and cost!). However, you might be able to have them use a sedative so you don't remember anything, although it might still count as being too costly for the NHS. You could try getting a prescription for diazepam or other drug to help with your anxiety?
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