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    when I meet strangers or meeting up with friends, I always feel useless and "in the way".

    All my uni friends have interesting stories to tell and life experiences about themselves and I don't have any. I've always been a quiet, shy girl who stays at home not doing anything besides going to cinema or go to town and shop alonr or play video games throughout my life. I didn't have many friends. I had 2 friends for 21 years.

    I'm 22 and at that age, you would have experience concerts, boyfriends, girlfriends, clubbing, going to London or anything like that or travelling to some place nice - I didn't.

    I only just started uni. Uni has been a life changing experience for me.
    I always feel jealous when people talk about their past and how much they experience in life. Whenever I talk about myself, I don't know what to talk about; my life was boring in the past - nothing interesting or funny to talk about (seriously nothing)

    I don't know what to do. Sometimes I want to hide away and not talk to people. I feel like a lost ant in a big, huge world.

    Would you be friends with someone who is boring?
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    Believe it or not, I'm pretty boring too, nothing interesting about me but it don't mean you're useless :hugs:

    Why don't you join a society at University?

    You're an introvert living in an extroverted world. That in itself is already a hard thing. Uni, as you say, is a life changing experience, so think about three years from now when you'll have things to talk about. Even if your life is boring (whose isn't?), you must have opinions about current news, TV/movies, songs...almost anything! These things do not require you to even have a past, in some sense. So try and talk about these. It might be hard at first, since many introverts care little for small talk, but it is that that eventually builds stronger friendships.

    It looks like you have - and had -FOMO (fear of missing out, quite popular around the internet now). You have to take into account that many people at uni exaggerate their experiences in order to be perceived as "cooler." Also try and not compare yourself to others. This is hard too, but I like to look at it like a hand of cards and you just have to play the ones you were given to the end of its limits.

    Hiding and not talking to people might just make it worse. Keeping busy and active whilst making sure you're getting enough "rechargeable alone time" will hopefully make you feel better.

    Let's not dwell on the past 22 years and make sure uni is the start of some great experiences. Take the last "T" out of my username.

    All the best :P xx

    In my experience it's always the shy, quieter ones who are the most interesting to be around. I'd love to make friends with you, trust me once you get out of your comfort zone everything will come natural and you'll have loads to talk about. It's a matter of self-confidence and having belief in yourself :hugs:

    I think the worst thing about this is, when you do decide to be gutsy and say something interesting, these friends don't particularly care, or just aren't interested so you just crawl back into your shell.
    I feel this way with my 'friends'. Occasionally I feel like I'm obligated to listen to what they're saying, but when it comes to me I get shrugged off.
    Really hard.
    Perhaps join some kind of society?
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