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    I think I actually hate my dad.

    He's still together with my mum but does not respect her in the slightest. He goes missings for several days - sometimes weeks - and comes back like nothing happens. Him doing that just makes my mum's stress go up and she gets ill because of him. Sometimes it feels like he hates her, even though she still worries about him.

    Its really hard to try and communicate with him because he's just not interested in what me, my mum or my sister has to say. If we try to have a conversation with him, he's says nothing back, sometimes he justs he acts really angry and storms out.

    He hates the fact that my sister is doing fashion graphics at uni. He was really controlling about her education and made her do subjects he thought was good (stereotypical african parent) so she had to redo a year at sixth form so their relationship is really turbulent.

    I think he's cheating on mum and has a secret family because how can someone be so distant from their spouse?

    At christmas time he told us he was leaving us because we don't respect him enough and made mum worry yet again and did not reply to our calls and texts.

    Right now he's ignoring all of us when he comes home.
    It just feels like we're dead to him.

    I feel ashamed feeling like this because he did act like this when I was younger. I'm thankful that I've be brought up by my loving mum and sister and I have food and clothes and stuff but I've never been close to him before. I see my friends with their dad's and it feels like my heart is breaking.

    I know there are people in the world who have never had a dad or had a dad who was abusive, but I just want him to realize how wrong his behaviour is. I can think of a million reasons why he should be a better father and husband but I can never confront him about this.

    What should I do?

    This sounds awful and I feel so bad for you! I suggest talking to your mum and sister about it and see what they want to do? I mean, yes he's your dad biologically but he doesn't act fatherly and doesn't show affection towards any of you. Have you suggested telling someone, a close friend perhaps, to help you through it? Maybe talk to your mum about if she feels she wants to leave him because of the odd behaviour and suspicions of another family? Just follow your instincts, do what feels right. If you feel as though your family is better off without him then discuss with your mum and sister about what you could do. Think about what's best for you and your mum, doesn't she deserve someone better that cares for her and you deserve a father who area for you. Do what feels right and follow your instincts.
    Hope this situation works out for you and PM me if you would like to x

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Updated: January 16, 2015
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