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    I am currently working on my GCSE drama performance along with 3 others, we are doing it on the lives of two anorexic teenagers. my character is India and not being anorexic myself I am finding it hard to characterise. A bit about the background of my character is that her Anorexia stems from her OCD and she comes from a wealthy family and goes to a boarding school.

    If anyone could help me at all I would be so grateful, the kind of things I am looking for is personal anecdotes that we could use, certain mannerisms but most of all peoples experiences and thoughts on anorexia.

    This isn't at all intended to offend anybody and I would be so grateful for any responses,
    Thank you,

    How anorexic people tend to dress may help you get into character. Often they wear baggy clothing to hide how much weight they have lost. Makeup might help too, extreme anorexics often look pale, tired and gaunt.

    There are quite a lot of documentaries out there, where you could get more information. You could also try to get in touch with mental health support groups, like mind, because they probably have a lot of information, which may help you.

    Okay I suffer with anorexia
    Big baggy clothing
    Pale. Gaunt and constantly tired
    Don't easily talk about it
    Shuts out the world

    You're thoughts feel like you are huge even with your bones sticking out

    They think they're worthless all the time

    Sorry I can't write anymore it's kinda upsetting me hope it helps though =)

    It's pretty much all you ever think about. You constantly think about food, enjoy cooking, reading recipe books, feeding other people. But don't eat it yourself, and feel strong watching others eat. You have hundreds of rules to follow about what foods you can't eat, what you have to do, you know random calorie contents without even thinking about it. You can say the difference between the calories in different types of apples, from different supermarkets.
    At times, you feel weak from hunger, exhausted right through your bones, yet at others, even when it is late afternoon and you have eaten nothing yet that day, you can run around, full of energy, doing things, feeling on top of the world. You hate the way you look, when you look into the mirror, you do not see the ever increasing thigh gap, but the still existent fat on your thighs. You press your hand to your stomach, hands around arms, always checking your body. In case it has got a little better. Every mirror, window you pass, anything reflective, you have to look at yourself, not through vainness, but anxiety at how your body may have changed. The comparisons are constant, you are always trying to see if there is anyone thinner than you. And everyone looks thinner than you. And the more weight you lose, the more you feel as though you are the fattest thing alive.
    There is always an excuse not to eat, you have already eaten, aren't hungry, have something you have to be doing, you become so skilled at lying that it is an automatic response. You spend hours fighting over a single piece of bread with your parents, because it feels like the worst thing you could do, and eventually they give in because this is all you want and you will get it. Yet when they leave, part of you wishes they would come back. Every type of help you are offered, you find a reason not to need it, it won't help, doesn't suit you, other people need it more, until they leave you alone. You both hate other Anorexics and are jealous of them. They are rivals, and role models. You are constantly looking out for others, seeing where they are, comparing.
    You stop caring about everything. You lose your personality, you don't laugh, you don't have fun, you don't enjoy the things you used to. You spend your days counting down until the next meal you won't eat. Nothing else matters, but being thin. You don't want to talk to people, friends bore you, you cannot listen to what they say, laugh with them anymore. You feel worthless. You hate yourself above anything else. You find it impossible to concentrate at things, and yet still out-do everyone else with grades. For you have to be perfect, you have to be the best. You are a nice person, yet you become evil, selfish, and amazing at pretending that nothing is wrong, none of this is happening.
    You want people to see your overly thin body, the fact that your legs barely hold you up, your frail, delicate arms, because you know you have these things, but at the same time, you are embarrassed beyond anything at the fat that you feel shrouded in. You hate for anyone to see you like this.
    But more important than any of this, you are so good at pretending. You feel awful, mentally and physically, but you can hide it entirely, laugh on the outside, chat, smile, run, when inside it feels like you are dying. No one knows.

    Good luck with your GCSE's, I did them last year, and all I can say is you'll be glad when they're over. Let me know how your project is going, I can answer any questions you might have.
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