Messed up biology A Level, desperate to do medicine.

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Hi, I'm currently in my first year of university studying history of art because my a levels did not go to plan. I studied history of art and english literature which I got BB in, however my biology a level ended up with an E. My AS biology I got an A and a c, but then totally messed up my A2 exams in my last year.

Now I am at university I find my course great fun but also very easy. I am
now finding myself almost every day wishing I had done everything I could in order to do the course I want. My original plan was to do an undergraduate degree in Physiology and then hopefully go on to do medicine as a graduate. Obviously due to my results, this was not possible.

I am scared of waking up in 10 years and hating myself for not doing everything I could do pursue my passion. Currently I am looking into resitting my a level biology exams while at university. If this goes to plan I aim to re apply to do physiology; biology result depending.

I really need some blunt and straight to the point. I am academically able I just messed around socially and with a boyfriend in my last year of school. I have an unbearable passion to pursue this career, but I don't want to waste my time. PLEASE any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

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Although the E in Biology is going to cause some problems, a far more concerning aspect is that you dont have A2 Chemistry. In my A2 Chemistry class, there was a Phd student and another graduate who had done a masters, and both of them had had to return to college to complete an A level in Chemistry in order to apply for graduate medicine. Each medical school is completely different, so it would be worth emailing them all with your circumstances to avoid wasting your time.

From the information you've given, some of your options could be:

1) Continue with your current degree, aiming for a first or 2.1. Start getting some long term work experience so when the time comes to writing your personal statement, you are prepared. To maximise your options upon graduation, you could consider taking evening classes/self teaching AS&A2 level Chemistry and possibly retaking A2 Bio, aiming for A's in both. Then apply for graduate entry.

2) Continue with your current degree and obtain long term work experience. Forget about your A levels. Study for and ace the GAMSAT and apply for graduate entry.

3) Drop out of uni and begin 4 NEW A levels. If you continue with Biology, it will be regarded as a retake which will hugely limit where you can apply. However, if you choose Chemistry and one other science (so either Physics or Maths) plus 2 other new subjects you enjoy, you can still apply for undergraduate medicine and you wont be regarded as a resit student. This will then eliminate any issues with funding for your second degree, not to mention the fact undergrad medicine is significantly less competetitve than GEP. Aim for at least AAAa and get loads of work experience. Ace the UKCAT.

4) See if you are eligible for any access courses.

Good luck!

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