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Girl hard to read, or am I reading things that aren't there? watch

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    Ok so there's a girl in work. First of all she's older than me by 6 years. She's quite introverted, and has a friendly, smiley personality.
    Ok so I really like this girl and I'm not sure whether because I like her, I'm looking for things which simply aren't there.
    Ok so I've noticed her occasionally very quickly glancing at me from time to time, I think she listens in to my conversations I have with other members of staff, when we're in a group and she's talking, a lot of the time she will look at me when talking, however when another girl is in the group she won't look at me at all and it's almost as if I'm not there. I've noticed she doesn't mind getting close to me when we're looking at paperwork etc, and when I go to her desk, she gets off her chair and stands next to me. I've also noticed when others are around in general she won't tend to interact with me as much, but when it's just her, myself and one more person in her work office she will be fine and talk freely with me. Other times when she walks past etc, she'll just walk past with her head down. i also do a thing where I put my thumbs up to her when I understand what's she's saying etc, and I've noticed she's started doing it back to me. This also may be in my head also, but the last couple of days I've noticed she waits until I walk down a corridor before she comes out of the toilet (she can hear me come becuase of alarm on door) but this could be me looking way to much into things! She also on occasion talks sweetly to me, and seems to drag her words out just that little but longer. An example when saying seeya she wil drag it out a little bit longer.
    That's it although I'm sure there more which I've forgot, but I'm just looking for advice as to whether maybe I'm crazy and overthinking or she may actually like me back? I'm leaning towards it maybe me looking to much into her, because she's 31 and I'm 25.
    and he's I know I should just ask her out but being in the situation we are im reluctant too unless I get a clear indication that she feels the same.

    Listen, let's be real here. You have an advantage (if she is single and childless), her biological clock is ticking very loudly and she knows she needs to find someone and settle down.
    Just make your move, say you've seen her looking at you, and enjoy your little connections in the workplace, and you would like to get to know her more, to see her in her true light, outside the workplace, then ask to meet at a bar to do it over a drink.
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