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    I just moved into halls (11th Jan). I moved in because living at home and commuting everyday made me feel lonely and sort of caused me to feel more and more lonely as term went on. I have a few acquaintances from my course, but no real friends with whom I'd do things outside of uni. Everyone's perfectly nice and friendly, but I just don't have anything in common with anyone.

    So I decided to move into halls to try and integrate a bit. However, having moved in and lived there for a week, I feel even more lonely, as, like my course, my new flatmates and myself have VERY little in common. Again, they're not a problem, they're nice and considerate, but they're ALL American, foreign exchange students and girls, whereas I'm a domestic (English) student, and a guy. Whilst gender isn't a huge issue, it's just another thing where I feel alone as there is no other guys in my flat, and naturally, girls are going to socialise with other girls, leaving me left out.

    I'm not sure what to do. It's making me really depressed, I'm not hugely into 'partying' and that sort of thing, although I have no objections to it in moderation. Particularly, if it means I'll make a few friends.

    I'm considering applying for a room change, but I'm a little bit concerned that it'll be much the same story, as the university that I'm currently at has a large amount of foreign exchange students and a ridiculous m/f ratio (1:3 in favour of females i think) so there's a big chance that, should I move into a new flat, I'll have exactly the same issue, just with the added stress of moving all my stuff and paying the room change fee.

    I know it's not a huge problem, I'm not having a bad time per se (I actually really enjoy my own company) but I just feel like no-one even knows or cares if I'm even here.

    I was just wondering, if anyone has experienced a similar type of thing, and how you dealt with it if you have, or how things played out for you? Also, should I try and change room? Will it be worth it?

    Thanks for reading!
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    What uni do you go to?

    Join societies relevant to your interests. Its how I made a lot of friends at uni.
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