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    So my girlfriend and I have been together for a little while and I'm having trouble with jealousy. Before we got together we would both get jealous of other people and sometimes it would cause arguments. She would get jealous of me talking to other girls and I would get jealous of her talking to other boys. I never realised how much of a jealous person I can be. As it is my first proper relationships I am very paranoid and get jealous easily. However when I showed my jealously before we got together we used to argue, and now that we are together I am more wary to show my jealously. I have tried not to show my jealousy while around my girlfriend however she knows sometimes when I am jealous. She is not afraid to tell me when she's jealous, and when she does I will try and limit the thing that caused her to be jealous. Myself on the other hand do want to tell her when I'm jealous, but at the same time don't want to say anything because of the risk of an argument and the feeling that I'll be limiting the things she can do.. Has anyone else had this kind of problem where they at the same time want but don't want to show their jealousy??

    If I got £10 for every time the word jealous was used in that post... Anyway, I know how you feel, obviously trust is a fundamental part of a relationship and there are times even if you trust your partner you'll still feel a little jealous. I get what you mean about not showing it, because chances are it will as you say just cause and argument or make things awkward, however if there is a specific thing that is making you jealous (i.e a recurring person or event or whatever) it might be worth talking to her about it just for some reassurance

    LOL, there are people who like to be anon
    And then there are people who use their whole name.

    However, jealousy is quite often in the head, and often says more about our own insecurities or possible actions in situations than what someone else would do.

    I'd say explore what it is about her talking to other guys that makes you jealous?

    You're overthinking it. Ask yourself, do you think she will keep her legs closed or is she gonna give up the pussy for another man and have sex with other people? No point tossing and turning and losing sleep over it. Innocent unless proven guilty, that's the way it should be. No reason for you to be jealous.

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