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Has anyone else been following the Israeli elections? The parties are just finishing their primaries. The Israel Labor Party will be going in on a joint list with Hatnuah (what remains of Sharon's former pro-peace Kadima breakaway from Likud now led by Tzipi Livni)

Labor has actually just pulled ahead of Likud in the polls, and its looking quite possible they will form the next government. They are polling 24 seats to Likud's 20 seats (out of a Knesset of 120 seats, so you need 61 to form government).

They will likely be able to form a coalition with the joint Arab list which represents Israeli Arabs (12 seats), Yesh Atid which is a centrist liberal party for the middle class (10 seats), Kulanu which is an egalitarian party focused on cost-of-living (10 seats) and Meretz which is a Zionist Socialist/Green party (6 seats).

With that coalition configuration, they will be able to take power without relying on religious parties like Shas, as they had to last time they were in government.

This leaves the right-wing in a tough situation. Likud is polling 20 seats, while Naftali's Bennett's Habayit HaYehudi party (the Jewish Home Party, 16 seats). The Shas party which is a religious party is polling 6 seats, and Yisrael Beiteinu which is a right-wing secular party is polling 5 seats.

I really hope Labor gets in, there is a genuine chance of peace if they do and Hamas doesn't start launching rockets during the negotiation

Mod Edit: Please keep your posts related to the Israeli elections. If you want to primarily discuss the Israeli Palestine conflict, then please use the mega thread sticky.

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