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Odd problem - can't eat with girls! watch

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    Ok,so I appear to have this odd, and rather embarrassing, condition where when I'm eating food with a girl I like I completely lose my appetite, and feel as if I'm going to vomit. Similar feeling to if you've just eaten too much and can't have another mouthful.

    For context - I've never had a girlfriend and the girls in question have been good friends who are good looking (girls I'd like to have a relationship with if circumstances were different).

    At first I thought it was a coincidence, but it seems to be becoming a common trend. I've previously explained it by saying I'm feeling unwell or have eaten recently, but this is getting more unbelievable the more often it happens. It doesn't happen if were in a large group of friends, unless I happen to be sitting close to one of the girls in question.

    I thought I'd be able to get around the problem by starting small, going for a coffee and bun, then having soup and a bread roll, and eventually building up to a full meal.

    However, I've arranged to go out with one of the girls in question late tomorrow afternoon. She'll probably be expecting to go for dinner afterwards, and it would be odd to order soup for dinner.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem, or are able to offer advise?

    Well usually i feel uncomfortable eating in front of guys i like and just guys in general because i feel as if im going to get judged for being a fat **** or just that i look unattractive when i eat but thats something i have to get over i guess
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    Welcome Squad
    tell her that her beauty is all the sustenance you need :yy:

    Gax wins all the prizes!

    I was gonna say, stop trying to make people feed you and use a fork or a spoon but I don't feel so humouros now so I suggest something like subway or noodles. That way you both feel a lil awkward and it just feels normal.
    Close your eyes when you eat?
    Turn away when you eat?
    Take snacks with you and munch on them all day so you're never that hungry?
    I dunno.. I'm half asleep and have cake waiting for me!

    Interesting problem. To me it sounds a bit like social anxiety of sorts. Have you any history of that? It may be worth having a chat with your gp to see their view on it, as you may find a short course of CBT help you to deal with whatever the issue is.
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