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Would you say someone who gets A*s at A level but e.g. Bs at GCSE is stupid? watch

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    I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I'm taking mostly Maths-based subjects. I've been getting really good grades so far and my tutor said I should be getting at least 3 As by the end of AS; however, there's the guy who just keeps on calling me stupid unprovoked (note: he's getting straight Us and Es, and has roughly the same GCSE grades as me. Personally I hope he drops out). I haven't gone outside for 3 months before I went back to do A levels, but I quickly adapted. Figured this was relevant because I really struggled to answer questions verbally or talk to people, etc. Wasn't anxious or anything, just struggled.

    The question I have is: if someone gets bad GCSEs but good A levels- and they took the 'mathematically minded' ones (Maths, Physics, etc.)- would you say they're stupid but determined? Would you agree with the student?

    If you get A*s at A-level in maths/sciences like you say, of course you're not stupid. Ignore this person who is trying to put you down.

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    I wouldn't say exams determine if a person is stupid or not at all.
    To answer your question, you don't have much choice as to what your GCSEs are so if your strong points are not English or essay skills then you may get lower grades in these. However that doesn't stop you from being very capable in mathematical subjects so when it comes to A levels you have complete choice finally and excel in those. I know people who went from mostly Cs at GCSE to AAA at A level.
    Ignore them- you are doing really well! GCSEs aren't the be-all and end-all in showing intelligence. In fact I'd say they're near the bottom of the list.

    A levels are so much harder than GCSEs so if you're doing well at A levels than you're obvs not dumb

    Nope, I'd say they're a bit of a ninja :ninja:
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