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    This is partially maths related, it's for the Welsh Bacc. Individual Investigation. I would like to do a project based on mathematical methods and processes at advanced level (calculus or areas explored in uni like number theory or topology), it has to link to Wales and another country, which I can find later and also be contemporary. Any ideas for the project?

    First of all, how significant must the link to a country be? Can it be as superficial as say, a particularly notable mathematician from that country i.e Hamilton for Ireland, or a certain movement or school of thought that originated from that country? The thing is, with contemporary mathematics, things are rarely tied down to one country. Take for example the Polymath project of reducing the bound of gaps between primes. This was a worldwide project, that first started due to a paper published by an American mathematician of Chinese origin, who used ideas by countless mathematicians before him and the project itself was headed by an Austrailian mathematician.

    Also depends on how contemporary it should be. You'll have a lot of trouble investigating at depth the vast majority of modern mathematics unless you're comfortable with the language used by mathematicians. Also even if you were to engage with all the jargon, you'd find it hard to write much about things done recently because of the amount of pre-requisite knowledge required to talk about it at depth. But if you were to say, talk about the gaps between primes, you could mention the twin primes conjecture, some work done by older mathematicians and perhaps some outline of modern methods. Maybe this won't be contemporary enough, but I don't know how you'd do any better really.

    Some ideas: Maybe you could write on one of the Clay Institute's Millenium problems. These problems get so much attention that there is a lot of accessible material that you can read to get a feel for what these problems are about, especially the Riemann hypothesis which gets the most heads turning.
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    The Clay's Institute's Problems are definitely a good idea, the only issue would be linking this to Wales, which has to feature somewhere in the project title. I would definitely like to do a project on them, particularly the Riemann Hypothesis because of the implications that solving it (if that's possible) would have on our communication security. Sadly I'm not sure that I'd be able to link it to Wales without forcing it, so I don't think that for this investigation it will be possible. I was thinking about the prospect of doing it on cryptography and various methods of data encryption which are used, but again Wales doesn't have a specific method that only it uses (as far as I'm aware). Obviously looking into research which Welsh mathematicians are doing is a way to go, but as you said, the language used by mathematicians is difficult to navigate and a great bank of pre-requisite knowledge is required.
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Updated: January 19, 2015
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