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    Okay so I'm short and thin and apparently no amount of eating and lack of exercise (not deliberate) will make me put on weight.
    Not looking for a direct route to Diabetes, but just a bit more on me would be nice - ideally 0.5-1 stone
    Any foods in particular that would do the job? I guess in the healthiest way possible (so not just junk food as marvellous as that would be)

    (Slightly weird thread I know)


    Maybe you could try to eat more red meat/more nuts and protein in general along with a good mix of dairy products

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    Pints and pints of whole milk.

    There is no point getting fat, you need more muscle. Fat is bad for you especially visceral fat around the organs you can't see. Do excercise to gain muscle and definition, don't turn into a someone with a pot belly and skinny arms and legs.

    What's your current diet like?

    I was in hospital on a weight gain diet, so saw a dietitian regularly. Obviously it will vary for different people, but this is an example meal plan and since we were in hospital it was a healthy diet aimed at gaining weight. Our meal plans were like this:

    Double breakfast (500kcal) - e.g. cereal and 150ml milk and 2x toast (with topping e.g. butter and jam, peanut butter), and a fruit portion (either fruit, fruit salad, sultanas etc on cereal, or fruit juice)

    Double snack in morning - this meant 300-400kcal. A single snack was 150-200kcal. Could have been e.g. 3 biscuits, a packet of sweets or a bar of chocolate, a packet of crisps, some nuts, a Nutrigrain bar, 2x toast/crumpets/etc. For double snacks we'd usually have 300ml milk with one of the above, or a double snack could be a higher calorie snack e.g. a slice of cake, a big cookie, a pastry, etc

    Lunch (400-500kcal) - e.g. 2x toast with butter, baked beans and salad, jacket potato with 1 topping and salad, a sandwich/wrap/pitta with filling (including fat portion) e.g. cheese, tuna, salmon, chicken, ham and salad, 2 veggie sausages with couscous, etc etc

    Light pudding after lunch (150-200kcal) - e.g. a yoghurt, Muller Rice, 2 scoops of ice cream, tinned fruit and custard

    Double snack in afternoon (same as above)

    Dinner (500-600kcal) - pretty normal dinners e.g. spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, shepherd's pie and veg, fishcakes, stuffed peppers, roast dinners, curry, chilli, etc etc.

    Main pudding (300-400kcal) - something like a fruit crumble/pie, rice pudding & jam, slice of cheesecake, fruit tart, sponge & custard, lemon meringue pie etc etc with 1 scoop of ice cream

    Double snack at night (same as above)

    That's just an example of a typical weight gain diet, but I hope it helps a bit.
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Updated: January 19, 2015
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