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    After the girl i was dating said no to anymore.

    A friend i made from Tinder off all places there nearly a year ago told me she's not aloud talk to me anymore as her boyfriend thinks its odd that where friends and talk all the time.

    My ex had really good male friends and i never said anything about it as thats her friends even if i don't like them i cant pick and chose who she was friends with.

    I have made it clear to the girl countless times i don't fell anything romantic towards her witch i did i just view her as a very good friend but her boyfriend cant deal with one of her best friends being stight and a guy.

    I just told her that maybe its not a good thing that he wants to control who your talking to and who your friends are load to be as he just wants to control everything that you do as he is not happy that we massage each other everything about our life.

    Thats what i ended with. Did i do it in a way i care and does she have a controlling boyfriend ?.

    Just upset now i lost a friend and the girl i was dating in the last 3 days
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    Well a update on this she removed me on Facebook, snapchat and blocked me on whats app.

    What might the girls and her boyfriend problem be ?.

    Is the boyfriend afraid of her making a move on me ?.

    You met her on Tinder as you said (of all places)
    He's not comfortable and rightly so especially if you are talking all the damn time.
    Ultimately it is HER decision what to do. She could quite happily tell him you are mates and nothing more etc.
    As a guy you should have known to either not text her as much. If you were in a relationship and some random guy was talking to your girlfriend ALL THE TIME about everything in your lives.

    Never mind about her making a move on you - in these situations it is almost always the other way around.

    I think what you said was meant in a harmless way but it definitely could have been as a bit too much. She may have felt you were accusing him of things when really he does have a right to be a tad concerned.

    What you'll have to do is just move on because she's blocked you on basically everything - don't even think about it just move on. I'm sorry you have lost the girl you were dating as well, that sucks.

    I think when it comes to dating it's best to give it your best shot but also keep an open mind and let things happen, because when you get too invested too soon it hurts more if it ends.
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