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How to overcome and master anxiety, depression and loneliness (For In/Extroverts) Watch

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    I've been studying at Uni for a few months and I thought I'd give my advice to anyone who feels like they haven't made any friends, has been sad or depressed and basically isn't enjoying Uni life.

    So a little bit about why I think I've got the right to talk about this topic...

    - Living with all third year girls who are a very close knit group (I'm the only lad)
    - Switched courses after a month, which made me an outsider to new course students
    - Seen doctors/therapists to discuss my depression and anxiety attacks
    - Not afraid to openly amid I was once depressed
    - Would shy away from social interaction and lock myself in my room
    - Have had days on end thinking about suicide and running away

    If you do these 5 things I am sure that you will feel much better about yourself and will probably begin to enjoy not just uni life more but life all together.

    1. YOU MATTER!!! - Understand that if you're in a room with 1 or 100 people you matter just as much as anyone else in there. All of your thoughts, ambitions, goals matter just as much as anyone else's. If you tell yourself this over and over and over and over again you will believe it and begin to develop self worth. This is the beginning to unlocking the goldmine in between your ears. Your thoughts are the only thing that make you unique so work on them, develop them until you can help but be positive. This will naturally uplift those around you and you'll shine as you were made to.

    2. RESPECT - Now that you have begun to understand that you matter what will you do with it? Will you continue not living up to you potential or can you make your greatness manifest. By respecting yourself you will find the answer to these questions and begin to make and take your own opportunities because you won't be able to feel alive without giving yourself the best possible chance for success. Respect those who are showing you the road to your own potential and in turn help others by asking them to join in and treat them how you would want to be treated.

    3. SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE - If you feel that moving from your bed in the morning just isn't at all going to happen and you feel this day in, day out you need to give yourself small things to firstly get you moving and secondly organised. It doesn't matter if it's small things or big things (cleaning your room, cooking regular meals or smashing gym) just give yourself tasks to do, organise when to do them and actually do them. You will slowly get use to doing things on a regular basis and feel better because of it.

    4. BECOME SELF-RELIANT - Sometimes someone becomes depressed because they are too use to relying on other people to lift them up and do things for them. F**k that. By knowing how to do everything you physically need to do ( go to uni sessions, revise, shop, wash up, clean clothes and everything else) you will gain real life knowledge and condition yourself to come out of your comfort zone which is the reason why anyone grows. On the flip side, you must also understand your emotions and why you feels them. Write down a thinking process you have and the outcome. If the outcome is negative them don't allow the original thought to take over as it will lead to you becoming sad/ upset. Likewise, if a thought makes you happy, write it down and understand why you laugh. These will develop how you see yourself and you will become a boulder that not even the worst wind could move.

    5. PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING - You are one collection of atoms, in one room, in just one university, in just one country, in one of seven continents, populated by about 7 billion people and your worried about giving a presentation on a topic that you have researched to another room filled by no more than 30-100 collections of atoms all passing through life and just so happen to be near you for a small portion of time that will more than likely be forgotten in a years time, if not...sooner. Don't be afraid. You will end up in a coffin one day (if you're lucky) so don't be scared to put in the effort. I recommend watching Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" video on youtube if you've made it this far.

    I hope this helped anyone who feels like or similar to how I once did. You will get thought it.
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Updated: January 19, 2015
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