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    Okay I'm going to bullet point
    • he rarely messages me first but when we talk we talk for ages and he's really quick at replying with me whereas he's really slow with his friends
    • in person he always catches me to talk to in school and often will walk with me instead of his other friends and will jump into conversations I am having
    • I was talking to another friend sat next to him and he asked me something and the friend I was talking to said he'd asked him exactly the same thing just before I walked over
    • he told a friend that he thought I liked him (and this friend told this to me) but then a couple of days later he was asking about my ex and how I've gotten over it and I said I liked someone but they didn't like me and he then went into a whole speech about not giving up on people because you never know which I thought was weird considering he already knew I liked him
    • when we're standing in the same area I've noticed a few times he'll stand really close to me so we're like pressed shoulder to shoulder (like really noticeably) and he'll stand that way for a while
    • when we're sitting next to each other we'll often end up with our legs touching under the table and he wont move away
    • recently I was walking across a classroom and I felt him looking at me and turned to face him as I walked and we literally held eye contact for the entire time until I sat down
    • HOWEVER he said recently he's still not sure where he is with getting over his ex (they broke up a few months back) and he as NOT made any attempt to see me outside of school

    Some of these probably seem really stupid and like nothing but I'm very easily confused and I just want to know if you think he likes me

    One way to find out... ask him!

    I would say yes from that in all honesty

    i would say he does like you but doesn't know how to go about asking you. sit down with him and talk about you how you both feel and see how it goes, if he does like you he will probably be pleased that you brought it up and if he doesn't like you at least you will know. hope this helps in some way
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