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    I'm claiming JSA until I go back to college in August, I only just started doing it before Christmas even though I've been out of college since July, but I wanted to give a good try at getting a job first. Unfortunately, I live in a small village in the middle of nowhere and the pickings are slim, so I've kind of been forced to give into my last option and sign on.

    ANYWAY, this is only my second time signing on, and the first time I was meant to go get some sort of form/booklet stamped at the Careers Centre the day before I signed on. When I got there they told me I didn't need to do that because I use Universal Jobmatch and all the evidence is online, but they stamped a piece of paper for me just in case.

    The next day, I showed my coach the paper and told them what the folks at the Careers Centre said and he was happy with it and I signed on fine (even though there was nearly a week delay with my payments - a mix up on their end, but it all got fixed in the end).

    I'm meant to sign on tomorrow, and as if I'm not nervous enough (I just get really nervous in the Jobcentre, I don't really know why) I'm now paranoid that I should have went to the Careers Centre today and got a piece of paper stamped. I have a bad memory and I can't remember whether or not my coach wanted me to do that or whether the evidence on Universal Jobmatch is enough, because it seemed like that's what I was told at the Careers Centre.

    I was at the Careers Centre late last week, but they didn't stamp anything for me or mention it, I was just there to build a CV and talk about courses they offer and other stuff.

    I was going to go to the Careers Centre just in case today but my cousin had an emergency with moving house and we all had to rope in and help her, and I couldn't really get away, and with all the stress I kind of forgot. Stupid, I know.

    Now, it's 8pm and the Careers Centre is closed, and they don't open tomorrow. I've heard from friends that the Jobcentre will use any excuse to delay your payments, and even though I like to believe that they'll be understanding, I'm really worried. I have things I need to pay for and I had so much stress signing on at first (they never called me back despite me calling them 5 times in the space of 5 weeks, and then my appointment got cancelled and moved) and then the stress when my first payment got delayed...

    Basically I'm asking for reassurance or advice here. Everyone tells me how evil the Jobcentre is and I really don't want to believe that

    I know all job centres are different so i dont know how helpful ill be :/

    Like you, i had the need to sign on between college etc and ive just signed on again and its changed from last time. Before you had to note everything down in your book, but now i was told you can use the book OR Universal jobmatch. We dont have the centre you go to to get your book stamped so i cant really help you there. But as long as youve filled out your book or done it on UJ you should be fine. They do look for any reason to try and stop your benefits but thats more so if you miss an appointment or something. So as long as you turn up on time youll be fine hun

    I get nervous too but last time i went she literally looked at my book for 4 seconds, called me over to sign and that was it. In and out in a flash. My advice would be dont mention anytging about it and they most likely wont een bring it up. Good luck!
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