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Boyfriend kissed another girl who he's liked for a while watch

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    I have been with my boyfriend for just over a year. Our relationship is great, we met at Uni, knew we liked each other straight away and have recently begun to plan our life post-uni together as we are both in our 3rd year and graduating in the summer.

    We both go to a society at Uni which meets every Tuesday. This girl joined in September this year after seeing the stand at the freshers fair.

    She has so much in common with my boyfriend. Red hair and brown eyes, which he has admitted in the past is hot to him. Plays piano, my boyfriend also does. They share their love of music. Both interested in running. etc.

    At the society meetings I did notice they were getting close and he jokes around with her in a flirty way (briefly touches her any chance he gets) would often stare at her from a distance but I didn't think much of it as he has always reassured me he wouldn't get with anyone else and he would tell me if there were problems in our relationship.

    They went on a night out last week (she invited him round to her housemate's birthday party). I was told he drank so much - he said alot about me and our relationship during the drinking games, and during truth or dare was dared to kiss this girl, which he did. Apparently it was hilarious as they were kissing passionately and for longer than they should have. I have also been told that they kissed later on in a club but nobody else saw that apart from the person who told me so I can't be 100% sure on that. Whereas the drinking games/truth or dare I can verify really as there were about 20 other people at the party.

    I have no idea what to do - he has told me she is a nice person but has tried to tell me he doesn't find her attractive, which in my opinion is not true as she is stunning. I am feeling so insecure right now, and I am also terrified he will break up with me - I'm not sure what to do now I know all this information

    Would you leave or stay?


    If he regrets it, has asked you to forgive him and said it won't happen again, then stay with him. If not, there's a good chance he'll cheat on you, so probably leave him.

    I'd like to be able to put it in a more delicate way but: leave.

    It's not about whether he finds her attractive or whether she is attractive etc., it's about his respect for you as the person he has chosen to be with. It sounds like he doesn't respect the core ideas of a relationship namely privacy, loyalty and faithfulness.


    I'd say leave.
    If he cannot respect you as his girlfriend and kisses another girl(despite being drunk or whatever the reason may be), then no amount of love can make the relationship work. Its gonna hurt as you guys have been together for a while and have thought of post-uni life, but do what's good for you for the long run. If he cannot be loyal through whatever circumstances then there's no guarantee he won't do it again.

    It seems to me he got really drunk only to kiss her and get close to her, and then blame it on the drunkeness.

    You said it yourself: he stares at her from afar, she's stunning, they have a lot in common and they've kissed... sounds like he's starting to like this girl, which is your cue to leave before you get seriously hurt

    Sorry :/

    Ultimately it's up to you, don't feel you need to listen to anyone else, BUT if that was my boyfriend, I wouldn't trust him and I would want a break, if not a break up.

    I made the mistake of staying. Leave before he spends the next few months screwing you over, guilt tripping you into forgiving him, then dumping you because "you have no self respect"

    0/10 would not recommend

    I stayed in a relationship similar to this and it just got worse and worse. You need to leave.

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