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    Epiphyllum (Epiphyllum oxypetalum (DC.) Haw), Cactus, epiphyllum genus of epiphytic plants, is a cylindrical main stems Woody shrub or tree. Branches flattened leaflike, 2-sided, 3-winged less, edges undulate crenate. Thorn was born in crenate notched. Young branches are bristle-like spines, old branches without spines.

    Native to Mexico, and Guatemala, and Honduras, and Nicaragua, Suriname and Costa Rica. Growth to 1000-1200 meters above sea level.

    Epiphytic succulent shrubs, high 1-2 m; old stems terete, lignified. Points branch most, leaves-like flat, lanceolate to oblong-like lanceolate, long 15-100 cm, wide 5-12 cm, first end long gradually pointed to urgent pointed, or round, edge wave-like or with deep round tooth, base Department urgent pointed, and short gradually pointed or gradually narrowly into handle-like, deep green, no hair, in the rib coarse, wide 2-6 mm, Yu on both sides raised, old strains points Branch produced aerial roots; small Ke arranged Yu tooth between SAG at, small shaped, no Thorn, early with minority cotton hair, Hou bare.

    Half shade of warm and humid environments, not resistant to frost, avoid light exposure. Particular requirements for temperature higher than the country of origin, 15~25℃, winter can be 5 ℃ temperature resistance. Requirements should be treated with rich in humus in soil, good drainage and loose fertile slightly acid sandy soil, or easily macerate. Growing season requires adequate watering, less water during winter dormancy. Growth to 1000-1200 meters above sea level.

    Cultivation method
    Potted a well-drained, rich leaf soil, potting soil should not be too wet to maintain relatively high air humidity in summer. Avoid rain shower to avoid soaking rotten roots. 1 every half month growing season fertilization, squaring flowering in early summer, fertilizer 1 times. Fertilizer application is reasonable, could prolong the flowering, too much fertilizer, too much shade, produce leggy stems, instead affect flowering. Potted blossom as the leaflike stems soft, it should set up pillars.

    Hi half shade, warm environment. Summer to conservation in Aperture grille, where no direct light or in cultivation. Suitable for spring and summer temperatures of 21~24℃ during the day and 16~18℃ at night. In greenhouse in winter, put it in a sunny place, require adequate light, winter temperatures to keep the 10~13℃ is appropriate.

    Epiphyllum open at night, in order to make it open during the day, when the buds swell, put it in a dark room by day or made hood with a black cloth, black plastic film covering, did not allow them to see the light. At 8 o'clock in the evening to 6 o'clock in the morning irradiation with light. This "reverse day and night" 7-8 days after the treatment, you can make the flower during the day 8~10 points closed this morning.

    Epiphyllum can increase the content of anion indoor. Although very short flowering period, but the flower beautiful noble, fragrant. It is able to release negative ions, keep indoor air fresh and pleasant. Negative ions can be said to be the vitamin of the air, if anion content in the bedroom are reduced, people will feel the breath and suffocation. Therefore, anion concentration in the air increased epiphyllum, beneficial is indeed rare and beautiful flowers.
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