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    Heyy guys so im taking:
    English Literature HL
    Arabic ab-anitio
    Business and Management HL
    Biology HL
    Chemistry SL
    Math SL

    Do you guys have any tips on how to do well on these subjects? Do you guys know any useful websites? Any time management tips?

    Haha I'm taking two of the same subjects so here are my tips:

    For Biology HL, just start learning and consolidating all the work early since there's a lot of content, and needs to be known in quite some detail (especially for the long questions) - the website 'bioninja' is a saviour, it has all of the syllabus points and explanations for each of the syllabus points.

    For Maths SL, I like to do past papers just to get a feel of the questions, and this is a really useful way to work out which topics you're weakest on and need to look over. I've always felt like Maths is a subject that is all just practice, the more questions you do in the IB format, the better.

    I´d buy the "IB prepared" guides. I have them in math, chem and ToK and they´re really helpful. Otherwise, use Khan Academy and search for youtube channels aimed at IB subjects (particularly some good ones for chem).

    To add onto the last post, there are great channels on youtube dedicated to IB chemistry/biology, you'll definitely find them useful especially the chemistry one.

    Chemistry: https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley
    Biology: https://www.youtube.com/user/SCScienceVid

    The first poster mentioned bioninja, be conscious of what you read on there as you follow the new syllabus, the information on bioninja follows the old syllabus. Nonetheless, its extremely useful but just take note of the things that are irrelevant.

    Maths - practice, practice, practice. Nothing more to say!

    language b ab initio - I take spanish but these tips apply to any ab initio language: Make sure to stay on top of your work all year round - grammar, vocab, paragraph writing are all things you need to constantly practice to get a 6 or 7 in the final exam. Practice your oral as much as possible, if you live in an arabic speaking country then take advantage of that opportunity. Immerse yourself in the culture of the language your studying - read magazines/basic books in arabic, chat to others in arabic, watch tv shows/movies in arabic, listen to arabic radio channels etc (I'm sure you get my point). The more you expose yourself to the language the more you'll learn!

    Biology - make sure to make detailed, precise notes right after you finish each chapter. It's of essence to have good notes to do well in biology, reading the textbook won't get you far, so always stay on top of note taking. I also recommend doing several past paper questions on long response/data based questions as they're not the type of questions you'll have been exposed to previously.
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