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    What are signs that a guy might like me? Loke body language, things he'll say, do, etc. I want to try to figure out if this guy likes me without asking him outright so what can I try or look out for to figure it out?


    Well you can tell if a guy likes you by the looks he gives, whether he talks to you apart personal things, his body language etc. With a girl, you can never tell if they like you or not, I should know that after the last time I asked a girl out, she gave a lot of signs but turned out she had no interest.

    If he looks at you all the time but is afraid to speak
    If he isn't afraid to speak to you, and does it all the time, but you don't appear interested in his conversations

    I am a guy and when I want to know if a girl has a liking for me, I'd always go for body language. It is literally the biggest giveaway if you know how to read them. But it varies for different people. Different people react differently so you have to understand what they mean and it's not a simple task considering if you are attracted to the person as you can definitely get distracted. Anyhoo, here are some tips, I guess

    1. Eye contact for introverts. How much eye contact does he make with you? If the guy looks away most of the time, he is shy. Shy doesn't mean he likes you, he's just very self conscious of his image. But frequent look aways can also mean that he might like you but he is just very introverted.

    2. Eye contact for extroverts/outgoing people. They pay all attention to you. They block everything around them and they only listen to whatever you have to say to them. They enjoy your company and love to spend time with you. Generally they'll look happy spending time with you.

    3. Posture. How is he standing/sitting around you? Is he slouching? Guys tend to straighten themselves up when they talk to people they like. It's almost unnoticeable but if you get to see it, its obvious. They would suddenly change the way they stand to look more confident, and sometimes they're tone would change too. They may speak in a slightly higher pitch.

    I'm just going to leave this here as I'm a bit lazy at the moment . If you need more don't be afraid to ask! Hope it helps.
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