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Coming to terms with mental illness diagnosis watch

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    I fit the criteria for a mental illness in the DSM.

    I feel a combination of sadness, crazy and alone. Was does this mean for me and my future? Thinking over all the things that lead to this and wondering why me?

    Have you been through this? How can a person come to terms with this?

    Could you clarify: have you been diagnosed with/been assessed for having a mental illness, or is it self-diagnosed (I ask because it's all too easy to read through medical books and feel like you fit the symptoms, when a qualified professional really is needed to diagnose it)?

    Either way, your past and present don't necessarily predict your future. I've suffered from depression on and off since I was 17 (I'm now 27 [:eek:]). But over the past two or three years I've become more and more determined to not let my illness affect my future, or at least cut its influence down to a minimum. By coming to terms with my limitations, working with my better abilities in mind, and a lot of thought and planning (e.g. what if I get ill before x deadline?) I've managed to graduate from uni, get a fantastic volunteering job, and am now applying for a second degree, this time healthcare related. All this has definitely had a positive effect on my mental wellbeing, and I'm feeling pretty damn optimistic about the future.

    Half the population probably fit the criteria for mental illness. Theres a lot of it about and its just a symptom of modern life in many cases. You either wear the badge or get a grip and plough on/deal with it.

    Moved to mental health :h:

    One thing I would say is that getting a label won't increase or decrease your symptoms. You would still have the symptoms whether you gave them a name or not. The difference with a diagnosis is that you can get the help you need from your GP, which should start to improve your life .
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