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    I start my exams at the very beginning of May and I'll be sitting for both AS and A2 modules in one go (I'm an international student so they only let us sit for them both in one go).

    I made a very concrete study plan which would allow me to go over things at least three times (hopefully). But as soon as I start to study I just completely get lost in panic. I realise I'm not following my timetable which means that I'll fall behind a few days (since some topics take longer to study than as planned), which also means that I'll finish later on and will have less time for my second and third revisions of the subjects (or barely enough time at all). I start to panic that I won't have time for past papers because of the material that needs to be studied and that I'll forget everything by the time my exams arrive, and that in the end I won't get the A*A*A*-AAA I need to study Medicine and I simply cannot afford to take a gap year.

    I've tried breaking it down into sub chapters to help calm myself and to do anything but I still feel paralysed with panic and fear and I feel like I'm going to throw up constantly and start to cry.

    It honestly sounds ridiculous typing it out but it's affecting me in a way that, ironically, is pushing me further and further behind in my studying, so it feels like a circle of panic I can't escape.

    I have no idea what to do to get out of it. Is there anything that can help?

    I really understand how you feel, this was me last year. The best piece of advice I can give you is to talk to someone, particularly a teacher. They'll be able to work with you individually to help you revise whilst staying calm. I know it can be really tough to admit you're struggling, especially if you're academically able but it happens to everyone. Nobody expects you to do this alone.

    The next thing is to give yourself a break! Have you left time in your schedule for seeing friends/watching tv/eating? Make sure you do this, it will help you feel calmer and under control. I learnt not to make a strict timetable because life gets in the way and studying is unpredictable! If you like to use a timetable, I suggest allocating time for each subject without saying exactly what you will study. That gives you some flexibility and it means it doesn't matter if you miss a session or two. When you revise, don't start from the beginning of the textbook. Choose the parts you a weakest at and start with those.

    Make de sure you get some fresh air every day, do some exercise, eat well and have a good sleep pattern. Don't revise just before bed! If you start to feel stressed while revising just stop, take a break, do something else. As soon as you begin to feel the panic, remove yourself from the situation. I know it feels wrong to stop revising when you panic about revision but you're not going to get anything done in that state.

    With regard to medicine and a gap year, money shouldn't be an issue. If you don't get an offer, it's not the end of the world. I didn't get an offer last year so I have been working. You can get yourself a job for all/some of the year. You could even save up your money to go travelling at the end as I am doing. Gap years aren't all about spending huge amounts of your parents money!

    Finally, you are not ridiculous for feeling lthat way and I wish someone had told me that earlier rather than 2 weeks before my exams. I really hope this helps and please let me know if you need any more help/information. Good luck with everything, I'm sure you'll be amazing
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