Legacy matters more than place of birth.

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william walker
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People always say that if you are born in the British nation state then you are British however this denies legacy. I want to maintain the legacy of past generations in Britain, their culture and way of life. This position means immigrant legacy must be put aside for the legacy of Britain. However this isn't possible if someone born within the British nation state is just as British as someone who has legacy in Britain going back 500 years.

I find this to be obvious that the person with 500 years of legacy should have precedent over the person who is born here but has 500 years of legacy in a different place. They will have a greater feeling for the place where they have 500 years of legacy than the place where they were born. We see this with immigrants who don't lose the legacy of their ancestors, they actually seek to maintain that legacy within Britain. This will take at least a century to put right and within this time a great deal of damage will be done to the British legacy and culture.

The need to maintain the legacy of Britain and its culture isn't helped by the wrong Progressive view that any and all change is progress and that modernity is like a glacier pushing us forward.

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