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Hey! So I'm attending my interview and workshop at Royal Holloway next week to study Drama and Theatre (which I'm hugely excited about.)

If there are any students who have already been through this process, could you give me a few hints on what they might ask in the interview? Are they friendly and just want to get to know you? Or do they take a more formal approach?

(I have been asked to prepare a discussion about the ways that theatre is 'socially engaged' if that rings any bells!)

Also, what types of exercises might we be asked to do in the workshop? Is it working with scripts? Or just different types of drama techniques?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated- I've attended quite a few drama workshops in my time but it would be nice to be prepared!

Thank you!!
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Hey, I'm looking for answers on practically the same thing for de monfort university
I suppose the bit about theatre being 'socially engaged' would be how theatre has impacts on society, and its role within a society
you could talk about its catharsis on an audience and how an audience benefits from the theatre.

In my AS class right now, were concentrating on a play, 'Our Country's Good' i don't know if you've heard of it but you could reference that! The play focuses a lot on the importance of theatre and tackles questions like the socially engaged one. The play is about a bunch of degenerate convicts that put on a play and by doing this they are reformed from their animalistic mannerisms.

Some of the authorities in the camp are against the idea of reforming the convicts with the use of the play and believe that they should just be punished for every wrong doing but the man in charge "phillip" has the final decision and decides that he will allow the play with a semi long speech (its a key moment in the play and is worth looking at, you may get brownie points for it. its in act one scene six of the play "theatre is an expression of civilisation....")

but anyway my point was that even thought the people in charge believed in punishing the convicts and that a play wouldn't reform them, and even thought the convicts didn't care to fraternise with the other convicts because of the bad relationships that each of them had with each other, by the end of the play everybody had been united into a society which really emphasises the importance of theatre and not only its impact on society but its ability to UNITE a society. It has the ability to act as a catharsis and purge the deepest emotions.

I hope i helped with that piece of you question. Sorry i don't know anything about the questions that may be asked and stuff. i wish i did

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