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    i've been at camhs for 3 years now for severe depression and have been having medication from them. However I no longer want to go as they are patronising, telling me constantly I am sick, and have told me several times I won't get better. I didn't go all over Christmas and I preferred not going, however I had a slip up and my mum feels I still need to go. She seems to think it's here decision. I'm 16, and I would like to know if I can make the decision to leave and what the consequences are if I am not aloud to leave and therefore refuse. Can anyone help me out?
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    I've been to CAMHs and i know the whole process. You can't decide to get out of camhs just like that

    I see CAMHs as hell.. I know how you feel, i got referred when i was 15 after bullying and moving to a new school, i just had to pretend everything was alright but what i didn't realise is that later in life (till today) that i would have a relapse in anxiety but this time in a severe form with depression.

    CAMHs is tricky, i know that, it's not like CBT where you can tell a psychologist to **** off and not come back again


    Im 17 and was signed off from camhs a few months ago after being there on and off for 4 years. I as first referred in year 7 as I was very underweight (it was due to anxiety) - in our first appointment the woman proceeded to tell me about all the illneses that I could get if I didn't start eating. When I explained that I was always felt too sick to eat and that i couldnt help it, she dismissed all that I said and talked to me as though I was underweight on purpose. So basically at first the experience was awful, but when I was referred back 2 years later (after multiple referrals) I was having appointments with a psychotherapist who practically saved my life - she was completely understanding and so helpful and nice. After a year of twice weekly appointments, she had to leave camhs and i was sooo upset! The course of psychotherapy had finished and I was so much better, but I still had to go in every week to get my weight checked and discuss any anxieties - i was back to a very patronising counsellor! Me and mum basically had a chat and agreed that I could probably continue without camhs, but we decided to carry on to be sure that I wouldnt have an anxiety relapse. After about a year of these appointments, the counsellor decided that I was ready to be signed off (I never really had much to say in the apointments...).

    Basically, i was lucky to have that psychotherapist for a year as she basically saved me - but i feel your pain with camhs. I would suggest having a chat with your mum and just making sure you're on the same page. it feels worse when it seems that your mum and your counsellor are both being slightly controlling. Also, try not to get frustrated in the sessions like i used to..... Just stay calm and if you think they are being patronising, be clear about what you're trying to say - you're not a kid any more, and it is your future that is being discussed. In my opinion, leaving camhs wouldnt be beneficial because if you slipped up, you'd only be referred back and be faced with a bunch of "I told you so" from the counsellors. The best thing to do is just get on with life, and try to show that you can be independent without camhs - they will sign you off when they see you are ready.

    good luck
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