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    I am writing this post out of sheer panic and concern for the jobs and future of my family.
    It is my own stupid fault but I am posting this to maybe get some support right now (I recognise the error of my ways).

    Basically I will break this down:

    Me and my family both reside and work at a hotel (living on a property owned by the company).

    My brother and two other colleagues like to smoke weed and de-stress. My brother has a history of depression and is sad (after having tried medications and therapy), he by his own admission smokes it because it makes him happy.

    He knows I don't agree with it, and morally I am very different to him.

    The other day somone came in smelling of it, and immediately I assumed it was my bro & co that had being doing it. I started to discuss it on the sidelines with a colleague (more senior) as a matter of discussion, saying how it made me agitated and I didn't agree how they smoked it near to where we live (on site).

    The said colleague has now informed the boss. Which to be honest (stupidly) I thought she wouldn't.
    I'd like to point out I didn't maliciously cause this, but have inadvertently damaged the reputation of my family and risked the roof over our heads. And I know I can't take back what I said.

    I know that looking back I should've been more mindful in what I say. I know from prior exposure that the person in question was a posionous person (she greased her way to the top).

    I am not someone that does stupid stuff like this, and I am well educated but fell prey to this and now realise I have been screwed over too (in a manner).

    I dunno how to reverse things.

    Apparently the boss dragged my mother into a HR meeting to inform her that spot checks are now being carried out, all staff to get letters.

    Now, all staff will hate me and think im horrible, just because I expressed an opinion.

    Not to mention if they find that my bro smoked it somewhere he shouldn't we get kicked out.

    I must sound like an awful person, but I'm not, I just feel ive been exploited by this person. Yet I should've known.

    What can I do??
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    To add: my boss is the sort that will do anything to make our lives hell and has already tried to put up our bills. She hates my mum anyways, let alone this ammunition ive given them all.

    I'm scared my bro will get fired or worse we lose the house. He is going in tomorrow to defend things but I fear that his story won't cooperate with theirs.

    I'm gonna be the most hated at work :/

    I didn't mean to create this horrible 'snitch' persona.
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