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    Hi! Firstly, sincere apologies if this is in the wrong section. I've looked all over the site and maybe I was just too stupid to see where this thread should go. If this is in the wrong place, let me know where it should go and I'll re-post. Also, sorry for the lack of punctuation and capitalised I's, wrote this in a worried hurry. Thanks!

    Allow me to start with some context.

    I started Uni straight after 6th form. I did Multimedia Journalism as I'm a lover of stories and wanted to make a difference while perusing my writing. In y1 of the course, they sat us down and asked what job everyone wanted. After 5 minutes of writing the answers on the board, they explained we don't need a degree nor NCTJ to get those jobs. This prompted my leaving mentality, but I stuck it through as having a qualification to my name would make any Journalism i decide to write that bit more credible. By y2 however, i lasted 1 term before being sick of it. I knew I didn't need to be there and frankly myself and some other students have serious issues with the teaching. The lecturers dismissed the concerns as our own problem so I decided to transfer.

    I was accepted onto English Literature and Creative Writing as a 2nd year as a result of my 1st year Journalism credits and my talk with the course leader. They couldn't start me immediately being 1 term down already and said apply for September as a y2. i did this, but found a full time job that had a contract I couldn't leave to start Uni. I decided on a new plan. Work up lots of money and prep for the course to join in the next year.

    Well, by the time the next September rolled around I had ANOTHER new plan. thinking a degree in literature and creative writing would be pointless when it's more about me actually DOING the work, I found an online course with Saylor.org to complete. I decided I was just going to work and study in my own time rather than return.

    Current situation

    However, i do still really want to go back. uni was the best time of my life and getting the chance to live my life with the sole purpose of perusing my dreams is irresistible, I've decided once again to go back to Uni and finish a course in Literature. But after putting it off for about 2 years now, I'm scared.

    I want to do this course in the mean time, to show my future lecturer I have studied material in my own time.
    I want to write my own work and have 1 book written at at least first draft this year (it's my resolution).
    I want to complete some pieces of Journalism and have some amazing stories lined up.
    I want to Write my own essays on the books and poems I'm reading and write up a counter-piece in their style to reflect how well I understood them.

    Long story short, i want to prove to myself that I can do it.

    The problem

    This is what scares me. 2 years since I was at Uni is a great long time. I'd be joining a University level course in 2nd year that I'll only have dabbled in as a pass time. What if I'm not good enough? What if I get the same sense of worthlessness out of the course that I got out of Journalism? What if I pay the absurd fee's to only drop out again with another smart-ass plan?

    The whole prospect of returning to Uni frightens me. I feel like I should pursue my writing in my own time while building a life for myself with a job. BUT, I feel that Uni could be a great chance to go balls-to-the-wall writing as I'll have the government funding me to do so.

    What do you guys make of this? I've spent so long worrying over this issue I can only achieve and equilibrium of points that counter one another. I'm making no progress with my mentality and am simply worrying myself more with each thought on the matter.

    Literature students - Is your course benefiting you in any way? Do you know exactly what you're doing with the degree when it's handed to you? What part of the course has something you can't do on your own?
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    Heyo, not sure if it is in the right section

    Hopefully it will get more replies if moved.

    In the mean time though, just wanted to say that I returned to uni after a double gap year with a full time job. You'll actually most likely find it easier than others as uni is fairly structured work load compared to the real world :ahee:
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