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I go to a mixed sixth form and there's a boy who I like who is in the year above who I share frees with. During our frees we sometimes go round his house along with another boy whose always with us. My friends notice how flirtatious the boy I like is with me, he takes me to lunch occasionally always touches me and asks me if I think he's attractive. The only problem is is he's "seeing" another girl, not dating her. She's not exactly outgoing and he's expressed her shyness to me and says he prefers how out going I am. Not to be rude she's not the best looking girl either. I think something would have happened between us had it not been for the fact that the other boy is always there. How do initate a get together between the two of us and is it wrong if anything does happen as this girl and him aren't technically dating and he gets annoyed whenever I call her his girlfriend. Advice? I'm a virgin but if we did have sex I would be his 7th.
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would tell him that you obviously have very similar feelings about each other but him having a girlfriend is stopping you both from getting what you want.

Ask him if he wants to go the next step with you then he should dump the current girlfriend, as he cannot have the best of both worlds a girlfriend and a friend who he can flirt with while shes not there

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