Are you taking Russian (ab initio) and/or History?

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I have an offer from Exeter to do History and Russian as a beginner. I'm thinking of choosing it as my first choice but before I decide I was hoping there would be someone who could tell me what the courses are like.
(As I'm doing Russian as well as History this would be at the main campus rather than Cornwall)

H 1. Which History subjects have good teachers/are most interesting in your opinion?

H 2. How much depth do you go into each History subject and how much freedom do you have?

R 3. Just how intensive is the Russian?

R 4. How are the teachers for Russian?

R 5. What was your year abroad like (for those who have gone on it)?

6. How quickly will I improve in Russian? (assuming that I work very hard)

Both 7. What is the spread between the subjects like? (I know I have some control over this but what about your experiences?)

Both 8. Overall, do you think it's a fun and worthwhile course?

Those are all the questions I can think of at the moment. I'd appreciate any answers as they will help me come to a decision on what to put as my first choice.

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