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workload at LSE MSc in Finance and Economics

Hi, I am from India and have just been admitted into the LSE Msc in Finance and Economics. I was wondering whether anyone had done the course and whether they could guide me as to what the workload would be like. I have also received an offer from Warwick for the same programme. Which one is regarded better?

Any assistance is much appreciated! Thanks
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I'm not familiar with that degree but have heard of up to 14 hours per day. I would choose LSE (better reputation in these two subjects, although the course itself might well be nothing better than at Warwick).
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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thanks alot for your reply. i think i will go ahead with the lse course, as i also want to stay in london.
i am definitely not looking forward to the heavy workload though!!
Hi Cyrus,

I also got an offer for the MSc Fin/Econ, and I was told by a current student it was definitely possible to work part time while completing the program.
So I don't think working 14h per day is really necessary (hopefully !)
Hope to see you next year
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perhaps it's 14hrs per day only during the exam period, i.e. in May and early June...
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hi guys,
well i hope it really isnt going to be that much hard work. however, i have spoken to different people, including the course director of the corresponding course at warwick business school, and he says that i would be expected to work atleast 8 hours a day in addition to our classes and lectures.
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that's quite a lot of work! it's like having full-time employment :wink:

by the way, how much are undergraduates at LSE supposed to work individually?
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no idea about undergraduate courses.

ive been getting mixed replies regarding the workload at the MSc in fin and econ. some say that the work load would be around 14 hours a day, whereas others say that 4 hours will be enough.
i dunno, i guess i ll have to see once i get there.