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My numeracy is making me depressed watch

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    So I am 24 now and doing well in my field of work but I have a problem with my numeracy. I don't know if it is a case of dyscalculia, but it sure sounds like it.

    I have never been great at maths and I passed with a C grade at GCSE, all my other subjects were significantly better including the sciences but of course at GCSE level there isn't much maths involved. I have always been a successful student in my other subjects, so it isn't a case of complete stupidity.If you spoke to me you would honestly never suspect my numeracy is as bad as it is. I can speak well, write well and I am bilingual so dyslexia was always out of the question. I did a little web search a while ago and came across 'dyscalculia' and I have self diagnosed my self to have it. Now how do I get rid of it?

    So I will tell you some of the things I suffer with on a day to day basis. I can tell time on a 24 hour clock instantaneously but with an analogue clock it takes me time, I sometimes find the relationship between the hands difficult to work out. In my head a number seems correct but out loud I say the wrong number, for example my friend had a baby on the 2nd of January and today is the 22nd, of course in my head I worked out the baby is 20 days old but somehow when talking to my friend I came out with the number 10. I think exhaustion may have had something to due with that mistake but even then, it's ridiculous. I find it hard to take away or add numbers in my head instantly, change at the shop worries me so I always try and have the exact amount of money for the exact amount of items I am purchasing. Sometimes even zeros on the ends of numbers can confuse me 2500 can turn into 250,000 in my head. I get late a lot and I feel like my difficulty with numbers has something to do with it.

    I can't go on like this, not only is it embarrassing but it is mentally draining having to think a number over and over in your head just to make sure you don't blurt out utter BS. It is also emotionally draining, I feel inadequate to my peers and I try and hide away from doing basic numeracy in front of people so you an imagine how outings with friends go. Nobody has yet pointed out anything but I worry someone will one day, I can't handle this anymore. I need some help. Although I would consider myself intelligent in other areas, it has gone past the point of being a little 'bad at maths'. It is really effecting my life and I honestly cannot handle it anymore.
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    Go see your GP about this, they might refer you to a specialist.
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