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    I am revising for my Principles of Criminal Law at the moment and have come across few questions. One of my weakness is problem questions as terrible as it sounds. it would be great help if someone could give me a rough answer for the following question with cases so I have an idea on how to answer the other questions

    When Dan gently points out that she should not eat in the library, she takes another bite of her burger and ignores him. Dan then asks Caren to leave, but she replies “No chance. You can’t tell me what to do! Get lost!” Dan says he will call security, and begins to dial the number on his phone. Caren gets up from her seat, puts her burger down on the open Herbal and very deliberately closes the book, squashing the food into the pages. Dan is momentarily stunned at such vandalism. He picks the book up. “What have you done!” he cries. Caren says, “It’s all your fault, you should’ve left me alone!” She then calls out to the library manager who is coming over to see what all the fuss is about, “Look what Dan has done to this book! I tried to stop him.” Dan brings the book up over his head and swings it across Caren’s face, “How dare you damage such a precious thing!” he screams. “I’ll damage you!” Caren falls to the floor, and Dan is pulled away by other students. The manager calls for an ambulance and Caren is taken to hospital.

    At the hospital Caren is found to have a fractured jaw and cheekbone, which need to be operated on the next day. As she is being prepared for surgery, a nurse mistakes her for another patient called Karen and sends her in to the wrong theatre where she has her leg amputated. When Caren wakes up with only one leg, she is horrified and refuses to take the antibiotics the hospital doctor gives her, saying “How do I know these are mine! Look what a mess you made of the operation!” Caren contracts a serious infection and dies two weeks later. At the inquest, the doctor who was treating her considers she would have lived if she had taken the prescribed antibiotics.

    Consider what offence Dan will be charged with and whether he has a defence to the charge.

    Thank you
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