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How can I forget these "friends" when I just feel so upset? watch

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    I have just moved away for numerous reasons but majorly due to my so called friends... (All male and i am female. Just always got on better with males) They took me for granted, I always lend them money, buying them drugs/ alcohol and they just didn't have any respect for me. This basically built up for a while and one night got too drunk and it came all out not so well... It actually ended me being taken home in a cop car for being to drunk. Didn't get arrested thank god.

    I wasn't proud of my behaviour and I am still ashamed now. I know for a start most of you will say "if take drugs" kind of ain't the people you wanna be hanging round with. But I haven't been in the best places for a long while and I just wanted to feel accepted...

    Since moving away, I managed to secure a job and even have my own place but when visiting my home town tonight, I ended up being hurt, upset and angry at the fact these "friends" are
    basically happier without me and glad I have left. Found out a majority of them have been **** about me and saying "they have tried to help me." They haven't at all. They haven't asked how I have been etc. they don't understand me or how I feel and that also hurts. I understand about my behaviour but one of them actually got arrested before and everyone just seemed to forgive them like that :/..

    What hurts the most is that I see pics of them on FACEBOOK having a good time with these new girls... It feels like they have moved on so quickly and don't even consider how I feel. I don't think highly of these girls admittedly but I can't judge and won't. I feel like deleting them and try and move on. But atm I feel like I have nothing. I needed a new start so I did the brave thing and leave my family and friends behind.. But I just feel so lost...

    Plus one of them owes me £100 and I need to give them their XBOX back and psychology books.. But I'm just willing to call it quits and leave them to it. I just feel like I did everything for them - like seriously bailed someone out when a drug dealer beat up one of them and then threatened to kill him - I would
    honestly do anything for them... But instead they saying crap about me, seeming to have a better time without me. I thought they would at least care about our friendship but they really don't..

    I just don't know what to do... I don't want to care but unfortunately I do. I definitely feel hurt. Has anyone else been this mistreated by friends..? Anyone know how I can just not care? I'm not perfect myself - I know this - I have made mistakes but a majority of the time it's chase of bottling up how I feel and how I feel I am being treated - it just finally comes out...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks..


    Ditch Facebook.
    Don't chase the £100, you might spend more than £100 trying to get it back. So learn from that mistake, never see your "friends" again and make new ones, preferably other females who can sympathise

    Did you used to sleep with them

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    Just try and forget about them and move on with your life. They are not worth your time, you'll beable to find better friends.
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